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  1. Oh, thank you very much, i didn't seen this option, sorry :oops: It works, thx for the quick support
  2. Helo everybody, at first I have do say that my english isn't very well yet, because I'm from Germany, but I'm working on it... I have a problem: I couldn't find the panel to adjust the colours any more... I tried a few things yet, I pressed F8, I tried ro restore it manualy in the menue, and I even reinstalled Paint.net, but there is no window any more... Take a look here: http://imagesup.de/picture.php?code=qffelxhvct1hqoimnw
  3. Both tutorials (by europe and barkbark) are awesome! But I think, its a bit easyer to colorate the rose if I use barkbark's tutorial, because I've never understood the "Courves"-tool completly :oops: ...
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