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  1. I just wanted to know if someone has an idea how i could turn a 2D picture in a 3D because i wannna make gravestone and it does not look good in 2D ..... Here is the 2D version it doestn look realistic :(
  2. Ohhh c`est bon madjik!^^ I`ll try it :wink:
  3. Normaly i hate french people but you are the first french i like you :wink: :oops: J`adore toi^^ Je parle en Francais....... Je suis bon^^ Tu peux parler allemand; non?
  4. Omg thank you so much Madjik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :wink: :wink: :wink: I can use the plugins 8) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^
  5. Omg very nice pics but when i dl the plugins and save them under: C\Programs\Paint.net\Effects i can`t use them
  6. ok ok but when i play with the things it looks like sh***^^
  7. Very nice tut! Looks like mhm..... plants^^..the green you used is very nice^^
  8. ok thank you i`ll try to realize your tips!
  9. I think to colore the picture with the curves is very simple. You can get each color you want but you have to set it from Luminosity to RGB then its easier to use( i think)
  10. damn! when i see the pics made by boltbait, lionhearted, Doctor, Crazy Man Dan,etc. I think i can`t become as good as them The best sig i ever made (I think) was this one(plz can u give me some tips?):
  11. Thank you xD.........but i chose english so i mustnt translate the description xD
  12. I can`t find pdn in program files...only in programs and if i paste the .dll in Effects i can`t use the effect.... Can someone help me?
  13. it looks good if you use the flames as a background
  14. plz man take another hp to translate your sentences xD
  15. Here`s my result for that im only 14 xD:
  16. Here`s my result for that im only 14 xD:
  17. how can i show you the pics i made??????? i have this prog since 3 months and i registred me 2days ago at the forum. I`m a noob i know but im just 14 and im from germany----> and my english.....sucks
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