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  1. Looks great. Only a minor nitpick - shouldn't the flames be going the other direction?
  2. I just saw this post up on Digg.com: http://psdtuts.com/text-effects-tutorials/create-a-spectacular-flaming-meteor-effect-on-text/ It's a tutorial on how to create a meteor text effect for PhotoShop. I was wondering if anyone could find a way to duplicate it for PDN. I've tried, but I'm a very novice user at PDN, and couldn't really duplicate many of the steps. LINKto the larger version.
  3. That is one awesome effect. Any chance we could get a tut for it?
  4. I never would've thought to go B/W, and then blend with Multiply. I usually just blow around with the contrast. This was a much better idea.
  5. I just saw this article posted up on Digg using Photoshop, and thought it'd be great if we could get a similar effect with PDN. Article: http://ebin.wordpress.com/2007/03/21/ho ... photoshop/ Before: After:
  6. If you're talking about mine, I'm not quite sure What I THINK I did though was follow cjmcguinness's steps above for creating a a 4x4 grid...ish. I used 4 colors, and made a grid that somewhat came close to the size of my tiles, while not having half squares hanging off the sides. I then followed his motion blurring directions. After that, I think I simply duplicated that layer, merged the two "Color Grid" layers down, and then finally set the composite layer's blend mode to Color Burn. ... I think. But thanks for the compliments! That really made my day!
  7. Great tutorial. I really like the effect. One of the ones I ended up with:
  8. Awesome tutorial! I was aiming for a similar effect (actually, what I'm trying to do is basically this ). I've got to the same stage as this picture, but is there any way to have the different color quadrants "smoothly" blend? I've tried gradients (color/transparent, from the outside towards the center), but then that leaves the center of the image black and white.
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