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  1. What an ico resolution got to do with vista ? it seem to have a Bug in the plugin as On website I indicated above it generate the correct 256 X 256
  2. I got the latest version but it dont seem to save in real 256 X 256 there is a Bug somewhere in the plugin
  3. 246 ? how can u save in 246 anyway so i dont see the reason of your reply :S this option doesnt exist so i can make that mistake :S Anyone have tested please ? or it is me only who is having this bug ?
  4. Hello, This is a great plugin, but I am having porblem in saving icons in 256 X 256 size, it seem even if it show that it is 256 X 256 when i select icon in explorer infact it is not in reality. I am using Vista and i tried to put some custom icons on my desk shortcuts and surprisingly the Icon stay small and only a Square around the Icon that grow up when i Larger the view of icon size. I tried to convert image to icon with this free website online convertion : http://www.convertico.com/ and it work like charm but in Paint.Net it dont work so the bug is coming from this plugin. Please help Thanks P.S you can see my help thread i posted earlier with screenshots :http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?p=32324#32324
  5. Thanks for your reply, but you should understand by my post that If i can save in .ico it mean I already have that plugin anyway the trick is not working but same image if i use this site to online conversion : http://www.convertico.com/ it work like charm. anyway i will try to ask in plugin topic also thanks
  6. Hello, I am having some small bug when i want to save an image as .ico file type. I want to have Big .ico file for my vista Desktop icon for a mediaplayer. Some how when I save as max size 256 X 256 it seem not to be a 256 X 256 but I feel like it is more 48 X 48 or a little biger may with a big square arround. See the screen shot to see what I mean: Here is the Image file that is used to create ico : and here is how it look when i save as .ico as u see compare to Paint.Net ico it is very small else the image used to make is realy bug enough to have big icon. How it look when it is small sized : How it looks when i changed Desktop icon size to bigerup, all icon big up well except the one i create with paint.Net there is larger square that apear arround the icon and also quality seem to be so bad else image used is not that bad quality Thanks a lot for all your help
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