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  1. Af Bob and Firefly said, the tutorial forum is a good place to start. I am almost brand new to this program, and with the help of the tutorials forum, I am creating pictures of myself with no reflection ! If I can do it, you can do it .
  2. I'd say a background eraser tool (as found in Corel Paint Shop Pro). It is like an eraser, but it can kind of tell the main part of the image from the background part.
  3. Well, I'd first start with creating a render of that person, unless there is already one. This step is sometimes a bit hard, but it can be done in Paint.net. After that, I suggest you go into "tutorials" and look for some neat effects there. Trust me, I've found a lot of them .
  4. I did a bunch of other stuff, but this is all I feel like uploading now .
  5. Ah okay. I saw unfreeze, but I wasn't sure. Thanks !
  6. a lot (and I do mean a lot) of software that I had for my XP computer is incompatible with Vista (even some Microsoft programs .) That is why. And is it a safe program? I just don't want to get loaded with viruses and stuff.
  7. Hi. I saw the post for the GIF animator in the "tutorials" forum, but I am not sure if it works with Windows Vista. Is there one out there? Thanks.
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