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  1. i agree to you. I do not think may of us make a living from this business. I personally do it for fun and just to pay for my hosting.
  2. I got this idea while viewing some great tuts which where at the far end of the forum. So i am going to create an E-book for most of the tutorials available in here. Of course every author will get credit. I am gonna do it in several languages too. Russian, Georgian, German. And the most important thing is that it is gonna be freeware!! The following authors have already agreed: Europe the0chef barkbark00 cjmcguinness Helio Crazy Man Dan Picc84 HITMAN-X- sagedavis BuzzKill
  3. you where right i just discovered a virus now trying to get rid of it it duplicates moves changes and deletes some files nothing works normally now
  4. where can i get the source code for the latest version so i can start translating
  5. In pr i mean weather i have the right to display paint.net logos and banners on my websites in order to help others find out about it.
  6. Some plug ins just dissipater. I mean that after some time some plug ins become 0 byte and dissipater from the effects menu. This happened with code lab and some other plug ins.
  7. i think you can make this optional in the installer and create a separate installer which will be used by the people who thought of installing the help files later.
  8. i got this idea too But without knowing weather i need the permission i created one installer if you need any help i am here. My father is a lawer so i can try and make him write terms and conditions. and i can also write a file which will describe the function of effects.
  9. ohh sorry could not read that!! If you would please remove this post for me( i can not do it simply do not know how to) And i will start gathering permissions. And if there is any other why for me to contribute please inform me.
  10. hallo i am from Georgia ( it is a country situated near Rrussia with its own language) I am planning on creating a localization. Where can i get the latest source code???
  11. nicely said i like it they could use it as a slogan
  12. the thing is that it doesn't help at all. on the other hand it prevents people from downloading it. My friends are good website designers and when they saw the website and the forum, They said that "who would be able to do a good program when they can not do a web site" , i understand that this is just easy to do and all but it is only enough to mention that it is for an open source program and most hosts will give a free account and most design groups will provide free designs. And i can get these people for you. And the design of the homepage can be done with paint.net and boltbaints html auditor which will be a demonstration of your force and i think that this will provide you with more people.
  13. i had this idea of creating a way to install all the plug ins at once, instead of browsing this page for hours. I couldn't include all the plug ins but i included the most of them. Installer is just a free one from a program, i will write my own as soon as i can. Anyway see it try it and post feed backs and so on. here is the download link : P.S. I really wanted to contribute to this great program.
  14. In my opinion paint.net is a great program, but it needs a few things. Not the program itself but the website. First of all we are all professional graphikers and if we tried to create a good design for the home page i think that we would come up with something good. i am ready to provide you with a script and some designs. Secondly you need to change the forum because your forum is done in forumer.com which causes laughter for me i think that you need a more professional forum. I am ready to help
  15. I have a few requests: Buzzkill could you do a tut about how you did your avatar?? Could you do a tut for doing round glass buttons??
  16. It would be nice if you did a radial blur when you are finished with the IMAGE i think that 4 is enough and then it won't have that type of adjes ( first tut)
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