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  1. I saw this on on another forum, and it's working really well. It lets other other users know a bit about your musical tastes. So I'll post an artist and the next poster has to post either 'yes' or 'no' to the above question and also post another artist who's on their mp3 player and so on. Tell me to get lost if it's a bloody potato idea! I just thought it would be interesting. Anyway, here I go: Vader
  2. Nice one. I'd been wondering how that effect was achieved but hadn't got round to asking about it. Now I know!
  3. You've just got to be really careful that you're following each step in the tutorial that Curmudgeon posted. I know it can be difficult, I've had that problem where I just cannot get the desired result even though I think I'm following the tutorial to the letter. Sometimes the author assumes a certain knowledge of PDN in the more advanced tutorials which a novice has not got. To be fair though, the authors often state the skill level required to complete it, so if it's for advanced users, then the novice is well advised to steer clear and concentrate on the simpler ones. The 'cutting out' tutorial is pretty comprehensive and I can't see anything that is 'assumed' by the author. It's a really good step by step guide. From what you are saying, you're managing to get the outline around the head, but then are unable to remove the unwanted bits, just to leave the head. Are you sure you're inverting your selection after selecting the head with the magic wand tool and selecting the background layer? When you invert the selection, the unwanted part of the image is selected and then it's just a case of hitting the delete key to get rid of the unwanted bit. You should just have the head left which you should then save as a .png file. It's just a case of playing around and practising. All will become clear eventually. It just takes time and patience.
  4. Once you've removed the child's head (that sounds terrible!) save it as a .png file. Then open the image in PDN that you want to add the head to. Next, add the head by going to Layers > Import From File, and find the head that you just cut out and double click it. It will now appear in the layer above your original image. Move it to where you want by using the 'move selected pixels' tool. It's important to save the head as .png so that any surrounding area is transparent meaning you will still be able to see the main image. That's the way I would probably do it, or you could do it ikid's way.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply David. Got it now. Sorry about posting in the wrong place.
  6. Hello. The feather effect from the 'Effects' drop down menu has gone. I seem to remember it being under 'Blurs' but I can't see it now. the dll file is in c:/program files/Paint.NET/effects but I'm not getting the option. This happend after I installed the latest version of the feather effect. Any ideas?
  7. "Photoshop-it for a fee or Paint-Dot-Net-it for free".
  8. Why don't you just crop the original picture so that the runner on the left is got rid of after the crop? Leave the 'Friends' logo where it is as it will be then in the middle of your roughly square final picture. That's just my first thought. It seems a lot easier than using the clone stamp tool.
  9. CMD: I don't know what it is, but it looks cool. 8/10. Yeah, I know mine's basic!
  10. ncfan51 - I clicked on the link for your website and got 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage'. Is your site down?
  11. Looks good and I can see his right eye. But do you know what a 'Silver Surfer' is in the UK? The term is used to describe an older person who uses the internet so the text raises a chuckle with me
  12. The game would be good - "Insert coin" and all that. It must have been one of the first games to have a 'voice'.
  13. Ok, thanks. I've not seen it, just Googled it after I'd looked at the thread.
  14. Are you talking about the 80's video game 'Tron' or the 1982 movie of that name starring Jeff Bridges? I doubt if you're talking about the 'Tron Kirk' in Edinburgh!
  15. Whoops, I called it a moon! I see what you mean about the gradient. A wider bit of blue on the top bit than the bottom. I hadn't noticed that and I'm usually a bit compulsive about that sort of thing. I'm scared to mess about with it as I may not be able to get the same effect again. However, I'll try and get it sorted. 'thebiggfella' (the extra 'g' is for 'Glynn' in case you were wondering) was originally a .gif and he used to walk. He was my original avatar in his .gif form on the first forum I joined years ago, so he's a bit sentimental to me. Yes, very sad, I know!
  16. I've finally got round to it and I know it's pretty basic, but it's my first attempt at a sig. Any constructive criticism welcome. I've tried to match it somewhat to my avatar which I might change soon so that it matches the sig better. Spike 121, I like your sig, it looks pretty professional. I especially like the moon on the watery horizon - nicely done, that's the best bit for me. You must have been doing this well before you joined PDN. Either that or I'm a slow learner! What's the font by the way? 7.5/10
  17. Thanks Nesk. I think I'll re-do my avatar when I get the chance to make it match the sig better. I did the avatar after I'd only been using PDN a few days so I'd like to think that I can do a better one now! I want to get the hang of jake2k's 3D text as well to include in the sig, but my attempts so far have been rubbish. More practice required on that front.
  18. I've finally got round to it and I know it's pretty basic, but it's my first attempt at a sig. Any constructive criticism welcome. I've tried to match it somewhat to my avatar. I'm still learning!
  19. I've seen longer posts. If you feel you can give the instructions in a smaller post, then be my guest. I was only trying to assist The Lionhearted.
  20. I don't want to step on anyone's toes here, but it's not often I can help anyone with PDN. I keep a PDN. hints and tips document that I add to as and when appropriate and the last thing I added a day or two ago was instructions on how to use the Alpha Mask plug in. There's no pictures and I'm sure CMD's instructions will be be more comprehensive, but maybe what I've done might point you in the right direction meantime. They work for me anyway, so here they are: How to use the Alpha Mask: Making an Alpha Mask and applying it to an image gives the edge(s) of the image a blurred effect. Since the final image will be saved in the .png format, the blended edges will be transparent and so will blend nicely into any background you want to place it on. a) Open an image. If it is large, use the ‘Rectangle Select’ tool to cut the image down to a more manageable size and save it in the .png format. Make sure the cut down image contains all of the part of the image you want to use plus some more. Otherwise just open an image and carry out the following: Add a new layer, move it below the image and fill it with black. c) With the image layer highlighted, use one of the selection tools to select the area of the image you want and move the image layer below the black filled layer. d) With the black filled layer highlighted, press ‘Delete’ to reveal the part of the image you want to keep, surrounded by the remainder of the black filled layer. e) Fill the part with the image showing with white and apply Gaussian blur to blur the edges of the white into the black. f) In the ‘Layers’ window, delete the layer with the image in it then save the Alpha mask in the .png format. g) Re-open the image and go to ‘Effects’ > ‘Alpha Mask’ and navigate to the Alpha Mask you’ve just made. Open it and let it apply itself to the image and press ‘ok’ to render. h) If there is an excessive transparent (checkerboard) area around the image, use a selection tool to reduce this. h) Save the image in the .png format. If required, re-size the image before saving. i) If you saved a cut down version of the original image as in a), delete it along with the Alpha Mast for that image to save disc space. PS - I forgot to mention that I based the above on instructions given to me by Helio in another post, so thanks to Helio.
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