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  1. GangstaCrab: hmm, nice looking text, "spot" effect, and that crab... I give you 9/10. because nobody's perfect then tell me nobody...
  2. I come from Poland I don't think there are many Poles on this forum, but believe me - Paint.NET has been very popular in polish part of Internet recently and many reviews were made, much of them describing PDN as "open-source equivalent of Photoshop"
  3. You can open the image in a separate tab, then use Image->Resize to get it closer to your target size. This command uses a much higher quality (albeit slower) resampling algorithm. Then copy+paste it over to where you are making the new image with all the added text, etc. And that's exactly what I was looking for! Thank you! The best solutions are the simpliest ones ^.^ But I still think that resampling should be improved ;P
  4. Rick: so, is there any filter/effect/something to antialias resampled image? I tried using gausian blur, but she looked more ugly than before Erm, I know very well that JPEG doesn't support transparency, and actually only GIF and PNG support it. I wrote "Default background in JPEG, BMP etc. files should be WHITE.", not "You should force JPEG format to support transparent colors" ^.- IF there is no background color (it's transparent), it automatically becomes black, and I think it should be white barkbark00: but I didn't mean just edges. The entire girl is pixelated.
  5. Maybe second, third and fourth. They annoy me, that's it It takes too much time to set all these things or wait, when in other programs it's very fast. But antialiasing should be improved, it looks ugly and awful now (in comparison to Corel, PSP, PS, of course).
  6. Well, I have just finished making a logo for my new project, called "MiniUploader" There it is: Well, it wasn't too difficult to make that picture, BUT I have noticed a few things that were going to make me crazy. 1. Antialiasing Look at the girl with nice gun in her hand She is pixelated, yeah? I think so. I selected the "Smooth" quality and that's what I got. I think that thing which we call "antialiasing" should be improved. 2. Layers There should be "drag&drop" feature, just as in Corel Photo-Paint or Paint Shop Pro. And I think, there should be some nice features in "layers" window, such as: setting the transparency, locking, renaming etc. (I know I can get all those just by double-clicking on a layer, but it just takes too long). Also, I think layers select is made by sbd drunk I think it shouldn't select whole image area when we select just one layer. And, the last (I think...) one: when we scale a selection, and then rotate it/flip/do something with it, we can notice that that part of selection which was out of image area, disappeared. It can make someone nervous. 3. Saving file as JPEG Hmm, at first I tried to save this logo as JPEG, but it saved only our nice girl with gun, and everything else was black. I think it changed a transparent background into a black one, and when all letters were black... they disappeared Default background in JPEG, BMP etc. files should be WHITE. 4. History Eh, it's so hard to go back through the history. If you have ~100 points in that window, you can go and make some tea, and it should be done just as you come back. Is it too hard to set it as it's in Photoshop? And I think that's all. Paint.NET is very nice program, but these bugs make me mad And, of course, sorry for my English... ^.-
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