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  1. thank you very much for this awsome tutorial !
  2. Nice plugin but... Why doesn't it work for me? the image doesnt move a pixel for me !
  3. When select something its always measured in inches, as ypu can see in the picture below: how do I change it so it shows up as this? in pixels..?
  4. I did something wrong i think...
  5. Thanks, but the link on that topic doesn't work :? Edit: nvm i saw you second post
  6. Is there a plugin that has a gradient which goes around the colour wheel. Red->pink->purple->blue->cyan->green->yellow......
  7. Wow, awsome and very easy ! here's mine:
  8. I made another one, but with a background with stars this time...
  9. i'm looking for a font called 'Monotype Sorts 2' where can I download that for Paint.NET?
  10. awsome guide ! here's my planet
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