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  1. well, I would assume that there is no rule agains using Paint.net for creating your company logo, making your print advertising, and so forth.. Right? I mean, technically, I have been using it to work on images for my company website, which will be an e-commerce site once it's through. So, I guess I should make sure that the media I personally create with Paint.net is ok for me to use in any way that I see fit... right? Sage
  2. Luka, Honda was joking with the "I invented this", as one of the earlier post in this thread said "I'm surprise honda didn't say he invented this"... I figured it would be a .exe, I have all sorts of ebooking tools too. But yeah, I can host some on my site so that the download will take place from there, but, if you put it up on a few different sites, it will be a great way to keep people's bandwidth usage for the download down to a minimum. I have a lot of bw, except those months when spammers choke me out. Anyway, good stuff. Later
  3. I invented the internets... LOL.. Actually though, If you want to split up some bandwidth, you might ask a few people to a host a copy. I would be willing to host a copy on one or ten of my sites if need be. Sage
  4. Since you "in the process of TAKING pictures" for your website. You should try making sure that the pictures you are taking are all in front of a fairly solid colored wall. If you are wearing light colored clothes, and are light skineed, a dark wall is best, if the reverse is true, a white wall would be best. Better yet, get a bright green cloth and hang it up on the wall and then take pictures of the people and items in front of it. Just make sure that no one is wearing green. I have done this plenty a time, it has saved a lot of time and energy when it came to the fixing of the image. Sage
  5. Actually, this is a VERY good idea. If you are making a tutorial ebook, and including the images used (so as they aren't still linked to the website), this would actually keep my bandwidth down some. I have had to up my bandwidth on my site already and the month isn't half way over yet. I totally would allow permission for any of my tutorials to be added. I have only written one so far, and still need to add some edits to it when I get time. Sage
  6. Here's a tip on how to create specific aspect ratios. This is just a work around, until (if ever) this feature gets added. Create a new image of the size that you want (4:3 or whatever).. CTRL+A (select all) Copy. In the image you are working on, paste into new layer. Your selection now shows up in white, with the rest of the image transparent (to maintain the size of the main image). Now, you can always select the white box, and then move to the layer you wish to work in. Shift and drage your selection to grow or shrink it and maintain the aspect ratio. It's a work around, but it works. Sage
  7. I haven't found AA to really play as much of an affect so far. It sure plays a big role in 3d rendering, but so far, in 2d, as long as the image isn't mondo huge, I haven't seen any noticable difference. Of course, I could just be blind. Hey, it can happen.
  8. I didn't even notice that quote of Lukedad's that CMD had just pasted. I am NOT being mean at all, but, I am assuming that you are probably a young guy, and that your friends are also, because, this statement is something that I personally would have made when I was like... oh... 19 or 20. Being a pro web designer myself with a pretty big U.S.A based company, and knowing many people "in the biz" as they say. I know far too many people who can program in C, C++, even Assembly, who know squat about web design. Knowing or not knowing one, has nothing to do with the other. It's pretty much like saying that Snickers can't make a good candy bar because they can't build a website. In this case however, this isn't snickers, it's a FREE PROGRAM... and if someone judges the software by the website (read, book by the cover), then it's their loss for not downloading the software. No money exchanged means, no skin off anyone's hide. Besides, I am of two minds. I mean, I tell my friends about PDN, but, there is so much that I can do with it, I sometimes wish I would keep my big mouth shut, so that I can show off what I can do with it, and they don't have access to the tool... LOL... I know, I know, I am so shamefull. Sage
  9. WOW, more than 12 times as many people on the board in 1 week, I guess I had grossly under rated PDN. :-) Horray for Paint.net.
  10. Kem, Working with Red eye removal tools isn't really an exact science. Since there are so many different shades of reds... saturations, and so forth. The redeye removal tool obviously isn't that great on that left eye (the one on the right side of the photo). There are going to be issues, in many different software programs. To be honest, I have never used a redeye removal tool before, simply because, i get a more realistic, natural effect from doing it my own way, which I have had to do in many different programs as well, since I can never get a redeye removal tool that actually works very perfect. I'm rambling, but, yeah, it's great that you found the flaw. I just assumed that you wanted to know how to do it in PDN, by the way you wrote the post. FYI, Actually, a redeye removal tool is a way of bypassing fixing the pixels by hand, not the other way around. Sage
  11. It's FREEWARE. More than that IT'S GREAT FREEWARE. It speaks for itself. I know people who have never logged on to the message board who use PDN. I know about 3 people who fit this description. I would make fair bet that if you take the number of people on this board and double it, you would probably get close to the number of people who use PDN. Which means, it's doing pretty good on it's own. Why publicize? anim8or doesn't, gimp doesn't. It's a waste of time to publisize. I mean, if you want to put a link to PDN on your own websites, or in your sig for other message boards, I am sure that would be fine, but, I don't see a need to "campaign". What would be the point? No one makes money off of it. I think it's great that you are eager to help in the process, but, really the only "help" needed is for some good tutorials, and maybe some plugins to be designed, and of course, answer questions when folks are stuck on how to do something. Actually, believe it or not... just posting to the forum is helpful, as it bumps keywords for google. Sage
  12. Archcord, Your new question should be posted in a new topic, not within someone elses question. Makes it hard to find the different questions, although, this topic title again, shouldn't be "newbie with question". However, you can resize by percentage... When you go to "Image > Resize" you have a choice that says "by percentage" or "by absolute size"... Click in the circle next to "by percentage". Slackira:: There is a sticky at the top of the board that jumps out at you which says "read this, YES YOU read this".... Might be a good idea for YOU to READ it. Sage
  13. Select the red portion of the eyes then copy them to a new layer. Set the layer mode to "Difference". This should make the red black. You might still get a little bit of a red glow around it, but, it will at least look natural. Here's the image I got. I used the magic wand tool (forgot what tolerance though) to select the red parts. Select one, then hit CTRL while selecting the other one so that you select both red spots at the same time. Hope this helps Sage
  14. Yup, I would go with a zoom, this way you will be able to maintain the aspect ratio.
  15. Well, not really. You can easily open a new PDN project, create the text the way that you want it, save as either GIF or PNG (transparent background), and then open it up as a new layer to your sig. This way, it's just your sig with a layer of text over top of it. Sage
  16. Yeah, I searched, but couldn't find it, Thanks for the replies. I would be willing to bet that it isn't implimented in the program, would be nice, but I'll make due. Just mostly was wondering if there was a shortcut to doing what I am trying to do. These responses were crazy quick too... Thanks Sage
  17. I came across this a while ago. I had been using 2 layers, with similar shapes, and wanted to be able to move the same px in 2 layers. Merging just really doesn't work, as the way I have my layering modes, the merge undoes the effect I am trying to get. Is there a way at all to select two or more layers at the same time and move selected px at the same time? If not, can this be something that would be added at a later date? Thanks Sage
  18. This is why I like to work in layers so much. I like to copy a layer before I make changes to it that aren't udnoable later. This way, I can just get rid of the layer. For instance, before I apply a blur, I will make a copy of the layer and then do my blur, and hide the origional layer. I have just become used to doing it this way. History is saved in a Temp file, (as it should be) other wise it will take up too much memory later. Sage
  19. Earl, Someone can correct me if I am wrong, and I certainly won't mind at all if I am corrected. There are a number of ways that I can think of to reduce the KB of an image. When you go to "file > Save As" and you try to save your image as a jpg (or a gif for that matter), an "image quality" wizard comes up. By sliding the slider to a lower number than 100 you will be changing the quality of the image, thus, changing the KB. As you slide this bar, look under the preview of your image, and you will see the predicted KB size of your image after you save with that particular quality. Another option you have is to simply resize your image so that it is smaller. Smaller actual image size = smaller file size. There is no way to reduce the file size (KB) without somehow altering the image quality, or image size, although in many cases, SLIGHTLY lowering the quality, will not show much of a visual difference. Hope this helps Sage
  20. Are you refering to making only one object color and the rest black and white? If so, you might want to look at some of the tutorials already on the board. Familiarize yourself with all of them. They have pretty descriptive titles, but, for those that don't, you can easily get a sense of what the author is showing you, within the first couple of sentences. The reason I state that is because, this effect does already have a tutorial entitled "Pleasentville Effect". http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=4196 It was a method used on a fairly good movie called Pleasantville. Hope this is what you are looking for Sage
  21. delectable ominous do I need to explain the connection?
  22. I made a butterfly wing tute, it should help, it's not the best artwork, but the method should be easy to follow. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewt ... 2433#32433 Hope it helps Sage
  23. what kind do you want? Realistic? Toonish? Do you have a picture maybe of something similar to what you are looking for? And then you have many different poses for Angel Wings. They could be in flight, or standing straight up (sort of), or, relaxed at a stand. The technique may be different for each one. Sage
  24. Like I said, I am way newbie, so it might be difficult for me to understand it, but let's see if I have it right. What you are saying is that Codelab is technically a "Hack", in that, there is already a set amount of code (before, and or after whatever I type in), that will Always be compiled to the finished DLL. And that the debug actually takes these into account. I have a very basic knowledge of C and C++, and a very little bit of Assembly (don't ask why, it was just a natural progression with my 3d stuff). Are there header files that already exist within codelab for dll compiling usage? Is this information posted somewhere so that this newbie doesn't have to bug you and take up all of your time. Thanks You're very helpful. Sage
  25. Is that Rose Mcgowen? :-) This is kind of fun. I am way new to PDN, only a few weeks. But, It's amazing how easy it is to use. Contests like this really gives you a way of comparing your own talents to others and seeing where you need improvement. Sage
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