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  1. I know, this isn't the greatest, nor hardest image to do, however, I thought the effect itself was nice. My friend Julia, asked me to do some playing around with her name in egyptian hyrogliphics, so, this is what I cam up with. I couldn't find a font with the correct images, so, I added the images one by one which were just black drawings and then did several layers (from top to bottom) white, black white black. The top layer gaussian blur 1, next I f blurred the second black layer at 1, selected then refilled black, and g blurred again, and so on and so forth, to get the layered effect. Once I did that, I then merged all layers except for the white background and the top white layer, and did a g blur at 1, one last time to get a nice blend. It was fun, and easy, and could work well as a background type image on a website, or just a filler image on a website for eye candy. Sage
  2. BoltBait, actually, cause C++ is what I know (somewhat)... Actually, my druthers would be Visual Basic 6, since I happen to have enterprise edition of it, and I am sort of kind of ok with programming in it. C# Better? Says YOU. And, not that I don't trust you, however, so many people have so many different opinions on which language to use that I ended up deciding to learn C++ based on the fact that printed (book) literature on C++ dealing with the subjects that I am most interested in far out number that of C# books of the same topics. Namely game programming, and 3d game engine, rendering and shaders. One of these days, I might learn C#, but for now, I need to stick with what I started with, otherwise, I won't learn as much. Thanks for the help Sage
  3. I am assuming that this will work with the VS2005 express addition (which supposedly is free?) I will have to download and try, but thanks for this. has anyone considered doing a template for wxdev c++? Thanks Sage
  4. Thank you so much Illnab, I am addicted to using this plugin for some of my effects... Sage
  5. ditto what Madjik said, I do use blender, as well as 4dblue and some others, but, by far, if you are a beginner, just learning, anim8or is deffinately the way to go. You can get some fairly professional looking images and AVI out of the animation render too. BUT, it doesn't deal with lighting as well as as blender and 4d blue does. There's a lot of options for free 3d programs. pov Ray for instance is a ray tracing program, which has the BEST quality (in my opinion) of all of the freeware ones, but, it's rendering is the slowest. Sage
  6. I have a program that I use for sheet music, sometimes I hard write my music out. I can get the gist of it all to scan and then play back what I have written. Although, I do of course, have to make some adjustments. My issue is that, this program only takes black and white tiff images. When I turn to black and white, and then save as tiff, my program says that it's still a color image. Is there any possible way to make PDN save to a proper grayscale or b/w so that I can use it with these programs? Thanks in advance. Sage
  7. if you look at the "popular requests" post, you will see that brushes are not yet implimented, but that in the future it might be in there.
  8. Hey, I love the dumb comments that Bill Engval came up with. You gonna eat that? (here's your sign). People do that to me all the time, when I have a truck load of camping gear, they say "so, you going camping?".. Nope, I just keep it all back there in case I get lost in the woods.
  9. Barkbark. 9/10 very classy. I like the way your sig and av match up. The sort of "frame" addition is similar to something that I had been wanting to do for some of my stuff for a long time. Sage
  10. 1. the plus button, if the tutorial wanted you to duplicate the layer, it would (should) have said so. Not sure yet about the rest, BUT... you can ask questions about a tutorial in the thread for that tutorial, this keeps things nice and neat... Sage
  11. you can save as whatever you want. when you click "save as"... there is a box at the bottom of the save wizard which says "paint.ne PDN"... you can click in that to expand to all of your different choices... JUST like any other program ever created.
  12. I had this same question when I first started and someone answered for me, I forget who. They sent me to irfanview (I think that's how it's spelled), which did what I wanted it to do, however, it's not helpful if you are working with PDN effects and want to put those effects on each one.
  13. Graco, if you can supply the photo or image which you are trying to remove the background to it would help. Sometimes it is difficult if there are a lot of colors in the background image. Sometimes, you're just going to have to do the erasing by hand. upload your image at photobucket or image shack.... then put the direct address of the image (not the image page but the image itself), on this board between. [img*] and [/img*] (remove the asterixes). This way we can help you a little bit better. Sage
  14. apparently, rotoscoping is not actually done with software. They make film then they recolor each frame, by tracing over it. Of course, you can come close to the effect using the oil painting tools, toon tools, cutout, and the line tools. Sage
  15. Rory, I would go with pictures of people to "perfect" the effect. It'll be way easier for you to see how well the effect works, because you know how a person's face should work once the effect is added. Sage
  16. CMD, 8 million thumbs up to that one. I know I answer a lot of questions on here, but, I still am pretty new to doing graphics, (other than 3d ones that is), so, really, this is a new trick to me. I had made a rainbow before by doing a bunch of boxes and then blur, but, this one is way better as you really get to control the size of each step. Thanks to all who have answered, these are really helpful. Sage
  17. Thanks Rick, Note to self... start looking in the status bar... You can file this under the "dumb question" folder... :-) Thanks again.
  18. I have a problem with gradiants.. I am on a laptop with a sensor bad as a mouse, so, even the slightest of movements causes my gradient to move. How do I maintain a straight up and down or left and right line with my gradiant. Is there a way to lock it in place? Also, has anyone yet created a way to make multiple colors within the same gradient? If not, will it ever be created? Thanks Sage
  19. Download and reinstall PDN.. See if that works. Something might be messed up with your system. Also, is it possible that some other program is taking over your system, making it impossible for your programs to work properly. Sage
  20. The reason why a subject line wouldn't be ok by the mods is if you are too general with it. and with great reason. It's hard to keep track of all those posts with subject lines that say "Help me"... then you get like 5 of them with the same subject, and no one can remember which one it was that they posted to. Plus no one is just going to pick your post because you are you, the deal is there are rules, it's a sticky, which says "read this, YOU, yes YOU." located http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=3446 with all of the rules of the board so that everyone is playing nice. :-) Like you, I am a web programmer, and fairly new to graphics, however, I have gotten to a point where I can function with Paint.net (PDN). The short answer to your glass effect gradient question is yes..... However.... the effect will not be as good as if you do each one by hand. Your thinking like sort of a "lense" type thing. And, it can be done, sort of. Just make a gradiant which looks like a tube, using only white to grey, or even, white to black, and then set it's transparency to something like 103 percent (or lower, or higher to your heart's content). You HAVE to save a PNG, as GIF doesn't deal well with semitransparent images. Your fall back is that, those using IE6 or lower, can not see the transparency at all with PNG. Your best bet is to create new graphics for each color that you want. Or perhaps, create several different buttons 1 of each of the 7 colors of the rainbow, and just keep them in stock. When in doubt, try it out. Sage EDIT::::: What? Z index? Where is that? Never seen it on PDN but deal with it all the time in 3d.
  21. Myrddin, Is that a Star Gate? Right on... I like your sig,... 10 out of 10 if you made it from scratch, 9 of ten if it's just copied images... LOL.. Sage
  22. The idea of not downloading the help file with the installer is pretty cool. Having a fully online help system, allows for updates and changes to arrata. I do however see an issue with that (on my end). I do a lot of traveling, and a lot of work outside of my home. I do not always have access to the net, but, I do use the help system whenever I need it. Would there be a possibility of creating, perhaps a pdf, or chm version of the help system? This way we could choose to download it or to simply connect to the net? This would be helpful. All the advancements look great. Thanks
  23. Verac, yeah, I figured that way out, way easy. Just was wondering if there was an easier way to do it. Extra, thanks for the spell check... :-) Now I know exactly what I am looking for. Maybe eventually this can be added to PDN. thanks again.
  24. Hi all, I was wondering, I think (am not sure), that the term I am looking for is "Kerning"? I would like to be able to control the space between each character in my text when it is typed, without having to actually do manual movement of each character. I believe it is called kerning but am not sure. Is this possible to do in PDN, if so, how, if not, can we get it in a future release? Thanks Sage
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