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  1. uh.....7/10....seems to plain imo. yeah i know plain is good...i dunno just not in this pic
  2. CMD Edit: Image removed due to language foulness Gateway to hell:
  3. You have some horrible taste....BUT thats your opinion which I respect....I know my sig is better and most ppl who I know would agree to that, Have a nice day.
  4. I see.....but I dont really consider those sigs, just text and templates...but w/e...not the contest I was thinking about...... :?
  5. n..o....i dont make them...I didnt really understand what he meant but that wouldnt make any sense since you would have to use a pic(render/sprite) to make a decent sig...or it would be too plain especially for a sig....
  6. oh wait, yea ur right. I was thinking of a different tourney...>_> well its called freestyle, "SOTW #1- Freestyle". This is when you just sumbit ur own made sig, all rules apply such as no ripping, sending msgs to vote, etc
  7. well my idea for SOTW(since i do it) is to put for renders or sprites and ppl have to use any one of them and make it into a sig.
  8. with out copy and paste? These were made by me....I only used that iron-man one, I had permission to use that. ALL others I showed were made by me only, I dont rip ppls work
  9. What about my sig makin skillz!?? have you seen my skillz...? im pretty good, but I havent seen madiks or w/e, etcs sigs...
  10. Can there be a little sig contest just for fun? Like I choose some renders or sprites and ppl have to make it into sig to see whos the best sig maker
  11. 7/10 the cut-out/render seems bad. other than that its good....
  12. I just showed them & they werent screenshots. Im not calling anyone n00b, so if you would like to find where I said that thanks. Plus I wasnt here only for a week. Thats how long i've been registered.
  13. Its not that good....trust me...not even close. If you wanna see good go to gametrailers.com.....
  14. WOW, so much, so complicated.... How do you "select all" on the image? How do I set my layer opacity?
  15. WOW, so much, so complicated.... How do you "select all" on the image? How do I set my layer opacity?
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