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  1. uh.....7/10....seems to plain imo. yeah i know plain is good...i dunno just not in this pic
  2. CMD Edit: Image removed due to language foulness Gateway to hell:
  3. You have some horrible taste....BUT thats your opinion which I respect....I know my sig is better and most ppl who I know would agree to that, Have a nice day.
  4. I see.....but I dont really consider those sigs, just text and templates...but w/e...not the contest I was thinking about...... :?
  5. n..o....i dont make them...I didnt really understand what he meant but that wouldnt make any sense since you would have to use a pic(render/sprite) to make a decent sig...or it would be too plain especially for a sig....
  6. oh wait, yea ur right. I was thinking of a different tourney...>_> well its called freestyle, "SOTW #1- Freestyle". This is when you just sumbit ur own made sig, all rules apply such as no ripping, sending msgs to vote, etc
  7. well my idea for SOTW(since i do it) is to put for renders or sprites and ppl have to use any one of them and make it into a sig.
  8. with out copy and paste? These were made by me....I only used that iron-man one, I had permission to use that. ALL others I showed were made by me only, I dont rip ppls work
  9. What about my sig makin skillz!?? have you seen my skillz...? im pretty good, but I havent seen madiks or w/e, etcs sigs...
  10. Can there be a little sig contest just for fun? Like I choose some renders or sprites and ppl have to make it into sig to see whos the best sig maker
  11. 7/10 the cut-out/render seems bad. other than that its good....
  12. I just showed them & they werent screenshots. Im not calling anyone n00b, so if you would like to find where I said that thanks. Plus I wasnt here only for a week. Thats how long i've been registered.
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