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  1. I cannot get source ("PAGE UNAVAILABLE This URL you typed is unavailable at this time"). Give, please, the new reference.
  2. Thanks big for answers. It seems to me, that CodeLab it is not absolutely identical C#. How much I have understood, in it functions Paint. Net can be used only and cannot be used direct functions C#. For example, in C# is function of reception of brightness of point GetBrightness (), but in CodeLab instead of it it is necessary to use фукцию GetIntensity () which is in Paint. Net. Very much it is pleasant to me Paint. Net and CodeLab, it is very convenient to debug with their help algorithms of image processing. I would like to seize all power of these tools. In this connection I would like to receive from experienced users advice on their effective utilization. How much I have understood, for an effective utilization of these tools I should: 1. It is good to think over algorithm of processing. 2. In initial codes Paint. Net to find functions for realization of my algorithm, to analyse them. 3. To write a script for CodeNet, to correct mistakes, to modify a script for increase of efficiency of processing. Whether so it or I am mistaken and it is possible direct to use functions C#? Besides would like to ask following questions and to state offers on CodeLab: 1. After editing a line of a script its performance at once begins. However frequently it is necessary to bring some lines of changes. Whether it is possible to make so that performance of a script occured only by button OK, but thus window CodeLab was not closed, and closing CodeLab would occur only by button Cancel? 2. After entering the necessary changes often you forget to keep a script. Whether it is possible to make a window of the prevention of necessity of preservation of a script? 3. Whether it is possible to make so that after closing Paint. Net in CodeLab last edited script, instead of a pattern of a script was loaded? 4. After application of algorithm by the initial image it is considered already processed image. In case of need debuggings of algorithm on the same image should be closed many times CodeLab and then to cause its and necessary script. Whether it is possible to make so that in window CodeLab it would be possible to establish a tag " To use this image as initial " that in the further processing only this image was conducted? I wish to thank once again founders Paint. Net and CodeLab for huge work on creation of these remarkable appendices with the open codes. These appendices are for me very necessary source of knowledge both on programming in C#, and on image processing.
  3. Prompt, please, what commands in CodeLab correspond to functions GetHue () and GetSaturation () C#. It would be desirable to learn also, whether there is a list of functions CodeLab and corresponding it of functions C#
  4. I have made the formula for calculation of the image from a shone spot on a black background and have tried to use CodeLab. In the text of the program I have marked those lines, in which I do not know how to use CodeLab. Help, please. void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { int x1, x2, y1, y2; double b2, r2, bri, brisum, a = 100.0; for(x2 = rect.Left; x2 < rect.Right; x2++) { for(y2 = rect.Top; y2 < rect.Bottom; y2++) { for(x1 = rect.Left; x1 < rect.Right; x1++) { brisum = 0.0; // for brightness for(y1 = rect.Top; y1 < rect.Bottom; y1++) { bri = src[x1,y1].GetBrightness(); // !!! i need get Brightness source point, CodeLab - Error b2 = (x2 - x1)^2 + (y2 - y1)^2; r2 = b2 + a * a; brisum = brisum + bri*Math.Sqrt(b2/r2)/r2; } //y1 } //x1 dst[x2,y2] = brisum; // i need set brightness target point } // y2 } // x2 }
  5. Unfortunately, I badly know colloquial English, but I read normally. I shall try to explain once again. There is a black surface with a shone spot. In parallel it on distance "a" other black surface is located. What image of this spot will be on other black surface which is shined with this spot? I have made in Paint. Net the image of a black plane with a white spot in format BMP and would like to process in CodeLab the image so that it would become the image on the shined surface. Clearly, that the size of a spot on the shined surface will depend on distance "a" between surfaces and diameter "D" spots. But here the algorithm of calculation of parameters of a spot on the shined surface to me is not clear (brightness of each point of this spot and diameter of this spot). Probably, I should understand all over again with algorithm, and then already to ask in this conference of the help on its realizations on CodeLab. Thanks big all answered when I shall create algorithm, I shall address to you with the request for the help (if itself I can not realize it on CodeLab).
  6. I have received the task from the teacher to process the image (a black square with white circle in the middle) so that this image has turned to its absent-minded image on a plane which are taking place on some distance from the initial image. Would like to try for these purposes CodeLab, but I do not know, on what algorithm it is necessary to process the initial image. Help me, please.
  7. Thanks big for the help and the detailed information. At me it is established Paint.Net 3.05. On site Code Project I get an example of creation of a plug-in for Paint.Net " Writing effect plug-ins for Paint.NET 2.1 in C#". At compilation of project NoiseEffect in Visual C# 2005 mistakes have been found references on PdnLib and PaintDotNet Effects. I found PaintDotNet.Effects.dll in a directory Paint.Net, however anywhere have not found out PdnLib. Where I can find this DLL for compilation of the project?
  8. Help, please, to a beginner programmer plug-in for Paint. Net. Would like to learn to write plug-ins for Paint. Net. Where I can find the detailed information?
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