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  1. no i dont play DND. Helio- 9/10 awesome i also like how it goes with ur avi
  2. 7/10 good advertising and i like the colors but its a little plain rate my current sig and this one:
  3. cmon 400 - 150 is the best....... o and now i got an avi
  4. i like how its luigi but he looks like such a pimp :-)
  5. lol, I just realized how incredibly smooth I got that text looking. Looks very good. I really like the stars. Welcome back! The image looks good but like CMD and Illnab, I too think the text would look better if it were more subtle. Perhaps black text with a red blur behind it or vice versa. Your planet also looks very good, especially the rings. Looks pretty good. A little constructive criticism... The glow on the clouds looks a bit much. Try and remove the black outline around the character in the first sig. Also, the colors of the character and the background are very similar. It may look better if there were more of a contrast between the two. ya i got a PM telling me how to remove the black outlines.... and ok ill try to use a different color text o and what do u think of this sig
  6. ok can u guys give me some constructive critisism on these two sigs i just made.... its my first time using paint.net and i want some help... o and which one do u like better? i definitly like the second one better
  7. ok thanks man im gonna post this and the one i just made there
  8. its my first sig using paint.net and my first day..... Please give me constructive critisism on it btw Paint.net rocks!
  9. that worked.... 20 tolerance usually works the best but sometimes i got to make it 10 tolerance
  10. i dont think so because when I do that most of the render gets deleted
  11. how do i cut renders??? i have no idea how. I get renders from planetrenders.com but when i put it on a new layer i either have to make it transparent or just have a black background. Please help there must be an easier way to do this