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  1. Carpe Díem Wiki explains different meanings, however I take it as live the day instead of wasting it away. [Edit] This is a good idea, btw. I find the sayings people live by to be interesting.
  2. Dang MM! That's pretty sweet. It's so... surreal, like a dream or something. Nice.
  3. Thanks Oma! I'm not going to lie, I am pretty fun... Honestly, though, you look and seem like a fun person yourself. I can tell through your creations, because they're spunky and full of life. If that doesn't sound too corny...
  4. I think he means: and I did these really fast, which is why they're not that great... but you get the idea.
  5. @BB: Although others may disagree with me, it's my rating. I give it a 10/10 because although I believe that there is always room for improvement, this is a spectacular job.
  6. Cranium/Catchphrase. [if Catchphrase even counts, although I don't think it does.] I'm always up for those games.
  7. I know I haven't really made a name for myself yet, but here it is anyway... This was already on my photobucket, I'm too lazy to upload a different one. I'm all the way on the right with the awesome headphones. [offtopic]GO Fenton Varsity Dance Force, 3rd in STATE![/offtopic]
  8. It's quite simple, actually. Right before you merge the two layers together (before step 10) add some noise (:AddNoise: EFFECTS > ADD NOISE) to one of the layers. I used Intensity of around 50 to 60 and Color Saturation at 0, but you can play around with it to get the effect you're looking for exactly. Let me see when you're done!
  9. Which, I must say, is pretty awesome. Nice job!
  10. EvilNeko, the second one is really cool, nice job!
  11. By using multiple layers. Use curves on the different layers before you flatten the image. I used four different layers to get those colors.
  12. Using shape3D I made a castle: 100% pdn! Could use some more work, though, but it's getting late.
  13. Angelaz, I really like your sig. It's so simple, but for some reason I'm captivated by it.
  14. Yea, I never understood why people would edit the second post instead of just deleting it... However, that's off topic... Jerkfight, I really like that! It could be even better if you smoothed out the rounded corners, but other than that it's pretty awesome. Nice job!
  15. Buzzkill, pyrochild, oma: Thanks! I was wondering who actually started that, and I must say I could've guessed because I like his the best. I like that font! If you don't mind telling, what is it?
  16. Spongey, that's pretty amazing. The spiderman/venom one is my favorite. Was that all one picture, or did you find 2 separate ones?
  17. Why thank you, Talacake. That's what I wanted to accomplish, and I'm glad someone noticed it because that means it worked.
  18. I def. skipped over this tutorial, and I'm so mad I did. I've been wanting to do this for so long, and could not figure out how. THANK YOU!
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