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  1. Oh boy. That'll take some time. Guess I better get to it...
  2. Holy cow. I'm back. College takes up a lot more time than I thought. You sure do miss a lot when you aren't on here for a long time. How's everyone doing?
  3. Thanks! I forgot to resize it after I added the white glow to it. It's still 6px too big. Here it is without the glow: Which is better? @EvilNeko: I like it a lot better! 9/10!
  4. [Pineapple] I think it's funny. The quote actually goes with the pic unlike a lot of other people who just put random quotes that don't relate to each other in theirs. Very nice, and creative! 9.5/10
  5. False. If I hated it that much, I wouldn't use it. TPBM loves summer and doesn't want it to end!
  6. False, I've wanted to but the competition scares me (cjmcguinness mainly). I'm also not at that level, yet. TPBM is still in his/her teens.
  7. Yea, that was annoying me too... I think I fixed it. I also made the font more readable . And thanks all for the wonderful comments! @ jpope: I really like that tiger one, nice job! I also went to the zoo the other day and got some pics: Those two are my favorite pics, but nothing as clear and beautiful as yours. Oh, and here's my tiger one from the beginning of the summer: [click for larger images]
  8. Thanks pyrochild and sagedavis! I'll try and make it more readable, sagedavis.
  9. I finally made an avatar/sig set I like, so I wanted to show it and see what you guys think. Oh, and the saying is an Italian proverb.
  10. Kind of plain but kind of disco-ish. I'll give it an 8/10 since I like the font.
  11. @snospmiS: No prob, I knew there had to be a way to invert the gradient without switching the primary colors. You learn something new everyday, thanks a bunch! @Ash: Thanks! Although, in reality you wouldn't be able to see the top of the ball in the reflection since, well, it is a ball. Secondly, I do know that it is highly unrealistic to see the front of the ball in the back reflection... but otherwise it's pretty neat. Thanks again, though!
  12. That's why switching the primary/secondary colors doesn't fix that. In response to Diva42 and Desktop_Bob, I couldn't understand how to fix that, either. If you just go on with the tut, it should be alright. I just added more transparency, though it does bug me.
  13. I've checked a bunch myself (just sigs really) thinking that everyone would use it right away. Guess I'm the only one who actually ran and did it...
  14. ^I agree! 10/10 because when I see that name I imagine some foreign Karate master screaming it. Weird, but awesome.
  15. I like yours a lot Dalton, very clean and professional, and a funny topic. 9/10, because I think the Dalton should be more... beautified? I don't know the exact word for it.
  16. I just realized that I forgot the shadowing of the Beast boys inside... but I saved the pdn file after I flattened the orb. Oh well, I still love the outcome: ^Click for larger image.
  17. First impressions are everything, and interviews should show that you can be professional. I'd say the khakis and a polo shirt.
  18. I actually used to read those stories! You know, a kid wrote those while he was in school... lol. Pretty cool.
  19. @mustang maverick: Yet again I am quite impressed. Edit: Oh, and thanks!
  20. @mustang maverick: You're getting pretty good at this! Nice light bulb! I can't wait to see your next creation. I don't know if I like it better than my other sig. Suggestions/opinions?
  21. Nice idea, Drakaan! Very neat/sneaky.
  22. @Hope: Twins?! As in... 2?! :shock: Although they can be wonderful at times, I could not even imagine the double trouble they get into. @Boyke: That would be awesome! However, you would probably never get her back...
  23. @Boyke: :shock: Cutest dog! Is that a scottish terrier, or do my eyes deceive me? Either way, I'm jealous... @Hope: I try. He's actually more like a monster...
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