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  1. made this yesterday


    and made this one today ^^


    both need some improvement but i don't feel like doing it now... :P

    and i forgot to soften the squares in the first one -.-

    now its not round :P

    and the second one

    the white line aint really round :D

    but thats easy to fix so i'll do it one time :)

    oh yeah and please rate ^^

    so i know if made something nice or again something stupid :P

  2. yeah really nice ^^

    here is mine

    did exactly what you said but only black dots (think thats more realistic but hey thats my opinion^^)


    *edit: use sharpen for a more 'realistic' fur :)

    you can actually see the hairs then :P

    but when using to much it looks nice but around the dot's comes a glow :s:s:(

  3. wth helio :shock: :shock:

    that is sooo nice :P

    can you make a tut of that? :D or don't u share your secrets :P

    o yeah and about that rose :P

    for a 3D look

    just add reliëf :ReliefEffect:


    dublicate layer :DuplicateLayer:

    make first layer :Properties: overlay (maybe there is something better:P)

    and do emboss :Emboss: on the last layer


    or use both :D

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