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  1. Down, are you a secret government employee who guards our nation's most terrible secret weapons. ... ... ... :twisted:
  2. I think somebody likes anime...^ ... I can't draw anime very well.
  3. Hmmm... a little tough to read; but still nice. 7/10
  4. Then perhaps set the line thickness up a bit and draw a rectangle. That's how I do it.
  5. Why not just set the secondary color to whatever and just redo the canvas size?
  6. Money Music Patriotism Exploration Industrial Anime Business Jerbert Cars Books Nature These are off the top of my head.
  7. Interesting, but it gives me an eyeache if I look at it to long. :shock:
  8. Rick is stealthily moving about the forum, masked by shadows, waiting for a poor, unsuspecting rule-breaker to pounce on. :twisted:
  9. GMax doesn't support rendering into an image. I just took a screenshot and cropped it. Anyways, here is a new version, perhaps the last if I don't think of any improvements... that's what this forum is for. Still a crappy jpeg. GooglePages automatically turns my large png's into jpegs. :x http://barak.lyons.googlepages.com/ESSolarFin.jpg
  10. PdN Pool Water ... ... Was that what you had in mind, uH?
  11. Gah! Sorry, too! :oops: Hehehe... thanks anyway, though. Jezulkim's pic is really awesome.
  12. :shock: You're amazing! As for me, how is this ship? It is moving into a shipyard of some kind. http://barak.lyons.googlepages.com/ESSolarScifijpg.jpg [EDIT] It is still a crappy jpeg, the final will be png.
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