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  1. usedHONDA's last thought before falling asleep at night: "Must beat Rick... must... beat... zzzzzz..." ... you know uH so well frm just his posts that you can read his mind all the way from Ohio.
  2. It is a bit abstract, but the background is blue fire, while the foreground is chrome and a red crystal of some kind. And as I said before, your avatar is very nice 9.935292837/10 (I like t be exact too )
  3. ... you curiously look forward to usedHONDA whizzing by 5000 posts... by August of this year.
  4. Don't you mean... 1900th? [EDIT] Down, you beat me by three seconds
  5. Heh... I've made 39 today, counting this one.
  6. And your 2000th soon after, probably five days from now.
  7. He is a little annoying. :wink: No, in reality, Boltbait rocks!
  8. "Attention, Earthlings. We are the D-artator. We have your world in our crosshairs. Heed and obey our demands..."
  9. I like your current one better. Try using the Lens effect on the planets to make them more spherical.
  10. I got it here. http://www.wincustomize.com/
  11. ... you are trying to get to 200 posts before 5:00 PM (my time)
  12. Ah, yes, lt's not forget the secret French involvement with the Roswell Project. ... Did I just say that out loud? >_> <_< Eh, just ignore the above blurt. It is none of your business... [EDIT] Hurry up and pack, I'm coming to Akron!
  13. I went to mapquest and got directions to Area 51. I'll pay Down a visit.
  14. Really? *checks* You're right! How 'bout them Bulldogs?
  15. Counting this one, twenty-one today for me.
  16. cubicle, a half- complete the word somebody.
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