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  1. Actually, I now find it very useful! Thanks, Boltbait! [/offtopic]
  2. *looks at list* Strip/delete primary color? o_0 *begins looking desperatly*
  3. Yeah, I really want this, man. And so does my pastor. And a handfull of artistically inclined teenagers at my youth group.
  4. That would be quite useful, as will be a pain to get some plugins for multiple church computers that are not connected to internet, and then say "Ack! Forgot the ______ plugin!" :x I heartily endorse this, even though I did not make any of the above plugins.
  5. I've already renamed my rocket tut to "Spacescape Tutorial 1: Rocket Flares." This is because I have been making spacescapes for a while, and a few friends want to know how. And yes, it is space related, because I love space. :wink: Perhaps a nebula tutorial of some kind...
  6. I really wish he would release the image, but he does have a good reason. btw, thanks! Thinking about another one...
  7. You'd be better off making one yourself. I don't think he is going to budge. offtopic in offtopic on offtpic above :?: , my second tutorial is done! *yay* Here it is!
  8. Unfortunately, you can't see much detail, like the smaller stars, cause I had to resize. Improvements on the way: Running lights, rocket blasts, and a couple more ships. [EDIT] Finished. Here it is
  9. Here is a preview of something I am making. When finished, it will be a 1280x1024 background. Comments always welcome.
  10. Ack! Rainshadow! *insert ominous music* What's wrong with the S? Tell me, that I may improve it. Oh, and your sig is cool, even with that butterfly. 8/10
  11. Congratz, Yata! BTW, would anyone be interested in a supernova tutorial? I spent a couple of hours looking through the tuts and found no way of making them the way I discovered.
  12. *screams at top of lungs in small caps* usedHONDA, finish the ppp!>_<
  13. Any sig with Link, Samus, Megaman, or any character from the respective games will get infinity from me.
  14. Another spacescape. Ship escapes supernova. http://img178.imageshack.us/my.php?image=esspacescape6gd1.jpg
  15. [/offtopic] Perhaps a new stick sig and a matching stick avatar.
  16. Erm... I hope I'm not setting myself up... How do you tolerate stupid questions?
  17. These are actual epitaphs... "Here lies Lotta Dust" "I told you I was sick." Other stuff... "I am a resident alien." A popup came on my screen once that said "Do you hate popups? Click here for ways to end them once and for all!"
  18. Mmmm... Looks nice, but I think many people here could already make such an image. Combination of dents, fire, chrome, and layer combo's. Looks great, though!
  19. Looks like all you need to do is combine several pics and add text to them, as well as a few simple effects like sparkles. Read the tutorials, learn, and let ideas come to you
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