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  1. Okay, I'm thoroughly confused. Do you mean you want to use paint.NET to change icons for another program?
  2. ... only to find out that someone already asked on page 48 of Questions and General Discussion.
  3. YES! I'm not weird! Actually, it's more like re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re--re-re-reading.
  4. I have a '98 Pontiac Sunfire, with rear spoiler, power sunroof, and dual exhaust. I'm not a grease monkey, so I can't tell you much more; it gets 30 mpg,
  5. Yeah, about the writing thing... I love writing as well. Specifically sci-fi and fantasy. However, I like to have someone to bounce ideas off of, and that person is my dad. He has been reading those kinds of books (and many others) since he was a kid, as have I. We both know a lot about science fiction especially, mostly because of DUNE (any dune fans out there? >_> <_<). The lord of the rings, DUNE, anything by Aurthur C Clarke, Poul Anderson, Anne McCaffrey all influence what I write, as well as god storylines from games such as The Legend of Zelda (any one f many), Star Wars, Knights of the old republic, and similar games. Who here reads at least one 300 page book a week?
  6. I normally used a variation of this method. :oops:
  7. I went past 4000x4000 testing, and got a message saying my memory was too low. The RAM's the limit.
  8. Heheheeee! Makes me to laugh! btw, working on my biggest spacescape yet. 3150x2520 pix. :shock:
  9. Are you wanting an actual animation put into flash? Or just an image?
  10. I have been using GMax for about 2 years, blender I have had for months, but never got around to learning. The spaceships I make for my Spacescapes are made with GMax, though Blender is definitly better that GMax, except the learning curve. But GMax has no built-in renderer, meaning if I need an image of a spaceship, I have to take a screenshot. In 3ds Max 8, you can create a camera, a light, and tell the program to output an image of any size. I have done it with the trial version. Wish it was less expensive, though.
  11. Google... SketchUp? o_0 *begins downlading I wonder if it is better that GMax...
  12. We've gotten by without it for this long... Besides this question has already been asked about a dozen times. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=4347 http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=4022
  13. No. You need t download the programs that run the files. http://www.stardock.com/products/thememanager/ Click the TRY IT button.
  14. I like your sig. Interesting use of a large BETA sticker. 8/10 Here is one I am working on.
  15. Wow. Nobody has really posted in a while.
  16. ACK! :shock: I hate spiders! :shock: :shock: :shock: No, really, that's totally awesome. Madjik strikes again! I have just finished a 2576x1932 spacescape that I will print out on full-size glossy 8.5''x11'' photo paper. Once again, a crappy jpeg. If you dn't believe me, PM me and I will email you the png file. http://barak.lyons.googlepages.com/MassiveSpaceScapeGammaJpeg.jpg Suggestions for imprvement, please. BTW, just finished my nebula tut. Spacescape Tutorial part 3: Nebulae
  17. http://www.wincustomize.com/ You have to go to each style page and download trial versions from Stardock.
  18. Linguistic: 7 Logical-Mathematical: 8 Spatial: 5 Bodily-Kinesthetic: 8 Musical: 11 Interpersonal: 10 Intrapersonal: 6 I play piano, and I frequently listen to music or sing it myself when ding almost anything. I am listening to Super Metroid music right now! As some already know, I am heavily involved in both a youth group (although now I am a senior member, as I graduate this Saturday ) and a childrens ministry.
  19. ^ I don't know. I think your avatar is a classic.
  20. Huzzah! Just downloaded this version! *places zip on flash drive*
  21. I was into skinning 3D models, specifically spaceships. After googling a few times, I stumbled upon a program called paint.NET back in august of 2006. Heh... no longer skinning 3D models as much.
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