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  1. Hey, just wondering if you had found time to do any converting... Or if it was too much of a chore to do 64-bit support. Also, Rick, know if you can add an option to Paint.NET to force 32-bit mode on next boot? It'd be helpful with plugins like this so we don't need to install the dev tools to get around issues that this and other plugins cause.
  2. Thank you Nem! Don't at all be sorry! If it wasn't for you, this plugin wouldn't be available 32-bit or 64-bit! Thank you again Nem! And thanks for using your free time to help out the community!
  3. Thanks BTW. That worked like a charm. Now it's starting as 32-bit and I can access the VTF plugin.
  4. Nem- this is a great plugin! Thanks! However, it doesn't appear to be x64 compatible! (I have followed the instructions on both an x32 and x64 install, only the x32 Paint.NET works with the plugin. The x64 doesn't show the option to open/save as VTF.) [Did it via my work computer. =)] Anyway, I hope you'll have something to resolve this some time! Hopefully it's possible! Thanks again for this great plugin!
  5. Oh, sorry for putting it in the wrong forum! oops! And, Yeah, I meant VTF... You know how close M and T are on the keyboard >>> Anyway, I guess I'll post in the VTF thread concerning the issue then. However, is there any way to run Paint.NET in 32-bit mode from a x64 OS? The installer doesn't give any options otherwise.
  6. I noticed an issue when running Paint.NET on Vista x64. While the program will start wonderfully, it's running in native x64. Which his causing an issue because the plugins I have, are all compiled for 32bit. So, any idea how I can start Paint.NET in 32-bit mode rather than x64? It's driving me nuts not being able to use the VMF plugin!