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  1. I found a strange behavior of “Quadrilateral reshape”. This is original picture The first step. Click Ok And starting “Quadrilateral reshape” again. Is this correct ?
  2. I find a bug in “Quadrilateral reshape” and “Poligonal Transparency” plugins (on Windows XP + SP3). When the size of edited picture is smaller than the size of picture from plugin window, starting this plugins crashes Paint.Net (always).
  3. Too web pages about Paint.NET for Polish users. http://www.paintnet.info.pl (This web page is only about Paint.NET) Examples of particular pages: Gradient - http://www.paintnet.info.pl/gradient.html Layers - http://www.paintnet.info.pl/warstwy.html List of functions - http://www.paintnet.info.pl/funkcje.html and http://planetslajd.cba.pl/viewpage.php?page_id=6 (This web page is partly about Paint.NET). These too pages are partly under construction but (I hope) useful. I am not sure if this post is against the forum rules, because I am the author of http://www.paintnet.info.pl (this is no commercial web page).
  4. And I'm also from Poland and I have the same error. I can't update paint.net from menu -> HTTP 500 error. There is no problem with manualy dawnloading.
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