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  1. hamsterjam, the userbars look pretty good - but, IMHO, the text on them is way to big, it should be a lot smaller. More like this... or this...
  2. whoopie! (Do not know if it makes sense in english, to me is an exclamation of joy!) Do not see the time to see his Frankstein doggie! Also your mention of I married an axe murderer brought back to my mind an hilarious movie with Woody Allen (acting only) and Sharon Stone called Picking Up the Pieces did you ever see that? It was fun No, I never saw Picking up the Pieces - to be honest I've never been a Woody Allen fan (acting or directing). I've tried watching some of his stuff, it just doesn't appeal to me. I did mildly enjoy "Play it again, Sam", but that's about it.
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean - Curse of the Black Pearl was excellent, 2nd was pretty rubbish and I only made it half way through the 3rd (due to boredom) - so, as a Trilogy only 4/10 from me, I'm afraid. Threshold For those of you not familiar, it was a Sci-fi TV series, cancelled before the end of the first season. Starring Brent Spiner (Data from ST:TNG) and created by Brannon Braga who was a principal writer on ST:TNG from season 4 and co-created ST:VOY and ST:ENT. I, for one, really enjoyed this and was disappointed when it was cancelled. What do you think?
  4. Holy wow! You must subscribe to a lot of threads... I only subscribe to my plugin threads... I went on a bit of a posting spree in the Overflow section yesterday (not somewhere I usually frequent). I get notifications from every thread I've ever posted in; perhaps I should unsubscribe from a few!
  5. This is an excellent use of Polar Inversion Plus (if I'm not mistaken). Even Bolt Bait couldn't be upset if presented with these
  6. SecurityWonks.net has a "add your listing here" link for each category. It looks like it would be Rick's responsibility to publish all the details of Paint.NET in the Graphic Apps / Editors category. Having had a quick look through the site it seems relatively new, as most of the categories are empty.
  7. Not to mention... Batman, Batman Returns, Sleepy Hollow, Planet of the Apes, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and, last but not least, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. Also, Burton is in pre-production of 'Frankenweenie' a feature length remake of a short film he made early in his career. About a young Victor Frankenstein who brings his dog back to life after it is run over by a car. It's going to be stop-motion animation, similar to A Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse-Bride.
  8. Given the amount of entries in this week's competition I would agree with Andrew D that we should probably vote for more than one entry - perhaps everyone could vote for their top 3 (in order). This would probably help settle any ties for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
  9. [30] Farscape [45] Firefly [65] Doctor Who [50] Stargate [65] Star Trek [40] The Twilight Zone
  10. Hmmm, strange. The link didn't work when I tried it earlier - but it's working fine now. :?
  11. Mike, the link in your sig for Google Killer is incorrect. It should be... http://www.alpha.search.wiki.com/ You have an extra a at the end of wiki.
  12. I shall sign off for the evening with this beauty. eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious
  13. Have you had a look at the Creative Zen? It's now available in 32GB flash and it's also compatible with unprotected AAC audio, so you can transfer music from iTunes plus subscriptions, as well as podcasts (without having to convert them to MP3). I currently own a Zen Vision: M and it's way better than the iPod, mainly due to it's extended video codec support (DivX and Xvid). If you're looking for bigger capacity (HDD player), I just bought an Archos 605. You can get this anywhere from 4GB flash (with SD expansion) through 30GB, 80GB up to 160GB models. This is a fantastic music and video player. Touchscreen, widescreen, record direct from TV, web browser (ask Ash, he's just bought one too). You should definitely check both of these out before simply settling for an iPod. -CJ
  14. In addition to the new 'Remove Noise' effect, you should also try Surface Blur (part of Ed Harvey's effects pack). I managed to clean it up to this in only a few seconds.
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