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  1. This tutorial will show you how to turn a picture of a finger (possibly your own) into a fingerprint that could be used in the ultimate signature.

    You will need a close up picture of a finger to begin with - I used this one (btw, it's not mine).


    Step 1. Invert the colours: Adjustments > Invert Colours


    Step 2. Set the picture as Black & White: Adjustments > Black and White


    Step 3. Emboss the image with an angle of 0.00


    Step 4. Select Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast. Leave the Brightness at 0 and raise the Contrast to 100. Playing with the Brightness value will give you a more or less detailed final print.


    Step 5. Use the paintbrush, with the primary colour set White, and begin removing the extraneous black from around the print. You should be able to see a reasonable outline to base the shape by.


    You can now add your own unique stamp to any piece of art or even your signature (if you don't mind your print being distributed worldwide!)

  2. Hi, I am new to PdN (only been using it for 2 days) but am quickly becoming addicted.

    Been reading through a lot of the tutorials and have used various methods to create my first animated GIF - quite simple compared to some that have been posted.


    Hey ho, onwards and upwards.

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