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  1. Frojo, I stumbled upon the tile effect while messing around. If you select the 'Fill' tool and change the fill type to 'Trellis'... ...and fill your canvas. Then use Effects > Blurs > Zoom Blur Deluxe... ...you end up with this... Try messing about with different fill types and apply the Zoom Blur Deluxe, you get some interesting results. If you don't already have it, you can get theZoom Blur Deluxe plugin here.
  2. Started off trying to create something for my desktop..ended up with this. I think it looks better portrait.
  3. Jelp, Try this... Canvas Size 800 x 140 Effects > Clouds (Normal) Effects > Clouds (Xor) Effects > Pixelate: 20 Effects > Relief: -135 Adjustments > Curves > RGB to your colour scheme Effects > Edge Detect Layers > Rotate Zoom: Twist Rad 45, Zoom 2.00, Tick 'Tiling' Effects > Glow. Or... Canvas Size 800 x 140 Effects > Clouds (Normal) Effects > Clouds (Xor) Effects > Pixelate: 20 Effects > Relief: -135 Effects > Blurs > Median: R10, P50 Adjustments > Curves > RGB and set to your colour scheme. No pics, it'll be a surprise
  4. Hmmm... I'm afraid Mirth has only one vowel in it. Looks like we are going to have to go back to Love. Love :arrow: Insight
  5. A trilogy of Star Wars parodies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8orkTkzXDE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leEsz9ci5XE
  6. 7.5 / 10 for simplicity (sometimes less is more) - like the shaded border.
  7. Here's a blended 4-colour one. Once you have your first set of tiles done leave them mono. Start a new imge with a canvas that is twice the size of your original then copy and paste your original in 4 times, tiling to fill the canvas. Create a new layer and divide it into a 4x4 grid, colured as follows: EFFECTS > Blurs > Motion Blur at 90 degrees EFFECTS > Blurs > Motion Blur at 180 degrees This will blend all the colours together. Move your colour layer below the tiles, then set the blending mode on the tile layer to Multiply. Then IMAGE > Canvas Size, by Percentage to 50%, ensuring the Anchor is set to middle. You now have a coloured, blended set of tiles that will also tile seamlessly.
  8. When I'm looking for inspiraton or a project I find it useful to look at tutorials for other graphics programs (usually Photoshop tutorials) and try to replicate them in PDN. Check out Tutorialized.com or PSWorkshop.net A lot of the tutorials posted are made very easy by Photoshop's vast array of effects, but I have found that you can replicate many of them in PDN with a bit of imagination. Also, in attempting to replicate them I often stumble upon an unexpected result that leads me in a completely different direction. If you are looking to do something specific, try creating realistic looking Bullet Holes. I have been attempting this for weeks without great success. There are many PS tutorials that use different methods, that I have (so far) been unable to replicate. I'd love to see someone else take a shot.
  9. Follow the instructions in the How to install Pluginsthread.
  10. I took a bit more care with this one, cutting out some of the inner pieces of the Japanese writing. I also repeated the Glow effect on the middle later to make it more pronounced.
  11. Sophotrates, Is this the kind of effect you are looking for? Magic Wand the background black (tolerance 25%) to isolate the centre image and delete the background. Magic Wand the blank area and CRTL+I to invert. Create a new layer and fill the selection white, move it below the original image. Use the Feather effect on both layers. Create a new layer, fill it black and move it to the bottom. Use the Glow effect on the middle layer (the white one) with settings of 10, 100, 10. That should do the trick. -CJ
  12. I think Music is a great idea. It's abstract enough that you can approach it from many angles: Sheet Music, Musical Instruments, Music Playing/Listening Devices (iPods, headphones, CD's, etc...), Bands, Gigs..... Music definitely gets my vote
  13. Something I've been working on today. Can't figure out anything meaningful to do with it. I was going for a kind of cyberspace meets matrix type of effect. What do you guy's think?
  14. Andrei, If your original image is 800x600 and you try to resize to 200x135 the image is going to look distorted as you are messing with the aspect ratio of the picture. If you want your picture 200 wide it's going to have to be 150 tall to keep the width to height ratios the same. To get it 135 high you are going to have to crop 15 pixels from either the top, bottom or a combination of both. I would suggest the following: I started with this 400x300 picture of a car. 1. Take your original picture and use resize it IMAGE > RESIZE Ensure 'Maintain Aspect Ratio' is ticked and enter 200 as the width. The height will automatically change to 150. Create a new image by pressing CTRL+N You will get a dialog where you can enter the pixel dimensions you require. Make the width 200 and the height 135. You are now working with two images, the one on the left is the original and the one on the right, highlighted blue, is your new 200x135 blank canvas. Click back on your image of the car in the top right corner to go back to the original image. Press CTRL+A to select the whole picture. Then, click back to your blank canvas and press CTRL+V to paste. You will see the following paste dialog. You should select 'Keep Canvas Size' You will now see the original image inside the bounds of your chosen canvas size, with dashed lines showing where it exceeds. Now, simply use your up & down arrow keys to position the selection where you want it, so you get the best fit. Press CTRL+D to deselect. You can now save your picture.
  15. Nancy, Are you trying to remove trace of shadows cast ON an object or behind/below an object? Would you be able to post one or two example pictures with explanations of what elements you are trying to remove. -CJ
  16. Might as well get the ball rolling (in true Blue Peter style, here's one I prepared earlier). The face is mine - I don't usually look this sinister (honestly). I used this picture of Dublin and this image of a Gun
  17. Sorry, couldn't wait... Love Sin City and just had to have a go. Consider this inspiration for others and I'll have a go at a different one when the thread officially starts. -CJ
  18. Love the Sin City theme... EDIT: Moved post to new SOTW#2 thread.
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