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  1. All you have to do post the image is put at the end (instead of ).
  2. Absolutely, you're free to do with them what you will. Please post the final result, I'd be interested to see it. All the best. CJ
  3. Paint_boy, here are some I had previously created... Green - size 40 Green - size 20 Blue - size 40 Blue size 20
  4. It seems like no firm concensus is ever going to be reached and the forum is going to stay organized as it is. I have therefore decided to take a slightly different approach - the Paint.NET Wikibook. You may (or may not) be aware that usedHONDA started a Paint.NET Wikibook project a while back and, with his blessing, I have undertaken the task of compiling a tutorials index page. I have decided to stick roughly to the list of categories I suggested in the first post of this thread and I am in the process of posting links and information on as many of this forum's tutorials as I can. There are a few PDN tutorials that have been converted into specific Wikibook pages; but mainly the links in the Tutorial Index will be directly to their forum location. Over time this tutorial index may be expanded to include tags and possibly 'level of difficulty' ratings for each of the tutorials; but for now I am concentrating on compiling and categorizing the list.
  5. ~UPDATE~ New page Paint.NET Tutorials index The Paint.NET Wikibook now has a Tutorials index page where links to tutorials will be organized and categorized. The page is in it's infancy and will be constantly updated over the coming weeks to populate it.
  6. In relation to the compositional Rule of Thirds, I actually published a tutorial on that very subject in this forum a while back (went pretty much unnoticed). So, for anyone who's interested in aesthetic photo composition, as well as checking out the wikipedia entry, take a look at this tut - Cropping Photographs - The Rule of Thirds
  7. If both your phone and PC have Bluetooth connectivity you can transfer files wirelessly. It's straightforward to pair your PC with your phone and then you can right-click and select "Send to Bluetooth Device".
  8. No, never quite got the hang of using the Alpha Mask. I simply cutout the image and feather. Perhaps I should practise using the Alpha Mask more often; might produce some even better results. Both your Portrait and Feather plugins are indespensible for photo manipulation. Just got a new digital camera and I am producing some fantastic results using both of them.
  9. This is something I've done with a lot of pictures of my family members - turning them into what looks like a studio portrait, using BoltBaits fantastic Portrait plugin. I personally think that black and white (or mono) portraits look more professional. However, instead of the traditional greyscale b/w I prefer to use the Adjustments > Sepia instead.
  10. This thread was dead and buried before I even joined the forum; I, for one, am glad it was resurrected.. I call this Paint.BLISS
  11. I have a silver Sony Ericsson K800i (as used by James Bond in Casino Royale). Connectivity 3G, GPRS, Java, Bluetooth, Infrared, USB Call features Video calls, Speakerphone Display type 2-inch QVGA TFT display 320x240px 3GP & MP4 video playback Performance Max. talktime - 7 hours Max. standby time - 350 hours Internal memory 64 MB, expandable with Memory Stick Micro Other Features Camera resolution 3.2 megapixels BestPic; video and image stabilizer; Xenon flash; Cyber-shot user interface; auto red eye reduction; PictBridge (DPOF); Picture Blogging; Google Search; Push email (P-IMAP) support; Flight mode; USB mass storage; Enough with the raw spec's - I love this phone. Got it mainly for the 3.2 megapixel camera and it does not disappoint. If you're looking for a camera phone you can't go wrong.
  12. Stephan, Looks excellent, I really like it. However, looks like you could do with some anti-aliasing or feathering on the font you used for your text. So, 9/10
  13. As the winner of SOTW #5 does this mean I get to nominate a theme for SOTW #6? If so, there has been some interest (from Pyrochild & The_Lionhearted) in basing it on CMD's Jerbert character and I'm all for this, Therefore I propose SOTW #6 theme should be Jerbert Fun Facts Anyone have any other suggestions?
  14. Wow! Seriously, thanks to all who voted for my entry; it's a real honour. Congrat's to all entrants the standard was excellent; I'm thrilled to have come out on top. So, on to SOTW #6?
  15. As a Moderator you would have power of veto over all tutorials submitted by members; either placing them into one of the organised categories or banishing them to the pictorium or some other 'miscellaneous' thread, where many of them belong.
  16. @Tillerman, As you are new to the forum I suggest you take some time to read through the rules, paying attention to rule 13. The maximum size for a signature is 500px wide / 150px tall. I'd advise that you amend your current signature before it is removed by one of the forum moderators.
  17. I'd like to third the suggestion that SOTW #6 should be Jerbert Fun Facts. I'd love to have a go and see how many Jerbert fun facts we can all come up with. Of course, all subject to CMD giving the idea his blessing.
  18. @Tillerman Welcome to the forum. I'm afraid you've missed the boat on this SOTW#5 competition. Entry submission ended last Friday, 22nd June. However, there will be another competition beginning very soon and if you check out SOTW Theme Discussion you can have some input into the next competition theme. Feel free to check out the submissions for SOTW #5, you can even vote for your favourite - voting is open to all forum members. Oh, and BTW, placeholders were frowned upon during this competition and I would advise that you do not put a placeholder in any future competition. Look forward to your submissions in future competitions. -CJ
  19. On the theme of car conversions, check these out: What would you get if you could mate two cars? Mate a car 1 Mate a car 2 Mate a car 3 Mate a car 4 Mate a car 5
  20. I have only been a member of this forum for just over 3 months, but in that time the membership has grown exponentially and the number of posts in the General Discussion area for a "How do I do this..?" when more than one tutoral already exists leads me to believe that newer members are struggling to locate the required tutorials due to the weight of tutorials being posted each day. There have been numerous threads in several different places within the forum discussing better, more convenient ways to approach the posting and moderation of tutorials. I would like to add my own suggestion, regarding the reorgnisation of the forum to allow easier navigation to required tutorials. Currently "Tutorials" resides within the Paint.NET discussions index. I would propose that it is now time that "Paint.NET Tutorials" was promoted and given completely it's own section. Within this index, tutorials could be organised according to categories, such as: Paint.NET Tutorials > Tutorial Submissions > Basic Tools & Effects > Digital Art & Drawings > Effects & Adjustments > Miscellaneous > Photo Manipulation > Signatures & Avatars > Text Effects > Textures & Patterns > Web Graphics, Buttons & Layouts. (These are just some suggested category names, perhaps 10 categories is too many, the amount of categories and the way they are organised could be decided my the admin/mods or suggested by forum members via a vote) The first in the list "Tutorial Submissions" would be the place where users submit new tutorials. All sub-categories would be locked so that new topics cannot be posted by forum members, but topic replies are allowed. It would be the duty/responsibility of the moderators to review the newly posted tutorials and decide which category they should be moved to. Mods would have final say where tutorials may possibly fall into two (or more) categories. Also, if a mod decides that the post does not constitute a tutorial it would, at that time, be moved to the Q&GD area. If this reorganisation was to take place it would also be a good opportunity for the moderators to go through the list of almost 500* existing tutorials and classify them, possibly deleting some of the closed and obselete threads. I would wager that a large number of the users visiting/registering on this forum are looking for tutorials to help them to learn and explore the power of PDN. I think by giving tut's a categorized section this would help them find what they are looking for and massively cut down on the unneccessary "How do I..." posts in the Q&GD section. I'd be interested to know what the moderators and other forum members think of this suggestion and what categories you think would be suitable for organising current (and possible future) tutorials. Thanks for reading. -CJ *490 as of 00:30 GMT, 2007-06-25
  21. Hmm.. I could answer this one, but I'm not sure it would be suitable for this forum. @BoltBait: Is there a relatively clean answer to this riddle?
  22. Rather than a rhyming riddle, here's 5 quick one-liners. First one to answer all five wins.....well, bragging rights, I suppose. 1. What belongs to you, yet others use it more than you do? 2. What can you keep after giving it to someone else? 3. What can you break simply by saying it's name? 4. What is put on a table, cut, but never eaten? 5. The man who invented it doesn't want it. The man who bought it doesn't need it. The man who needs it doesn't know it. What is it? ***ANSWERS*** 1. Your Name 2. Your Word 3. Silence 4. A Deck of Cards 5. A Coffin BoltBait got 4/5 and Dawn got the other one correct.
  23. Huh, I didn't know that! *Watch'd* ...and you.
  24. I am also a deviant! http://cjmcguinness.deviantart.com
  25. 100% PDN - no stock images used. The quote used in the sig is by John Ruskin
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