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  1. Well gee I was kind of diggin the Wikki article,Perhaps it is not a how to but even the bit I have read already there under layers explained some things I see on the interface..... I am definitely going to also go to the help menu again...armed this time with key board magic Thanks Mia Lucia..
  2. "Need help with Paint.NET? Read the Wikibook! You'll be happy you did! " Thanks for posting the link to the Wikibook....I am happy I followed it.. it provides the information i need from the ground up about layers...very cool.
  3. The only art program I have ever used is MS Paint.Where can I find information about the layer properties ,and layers in general?I know I can learn them but the menu only names them and does not say anything about how they function. I have in the last year or so learned to make MS paint work for me but only on a monitor. Paint .Net will allow me to set the resolution and print the images I create. I draw with a mouse and have adapted well.I prefer it to a stylus.I will use Paint Net to draw and paint with like i used MS paint -not to manipulate images.If you want to see an example of the kind of stuff I do in MS Paint google Miashineon. It may help you tell me if I ven need bother with layers when I am drawing to print on canvas ,Gliclee) I definitely need to figure out how to create an image where black is drawn as transparent so I can upload it to cafe press..and for that like it or not I have to use layers. Thanks Mia Lucia
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