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  1. As the once great Cell once said!
  2. Thanks for the tips guys, ill try them all out. :3
  3. Thanks for the help guys, but them ideas didnt seem to come out to well. Sorry. ; -;
  4. I don't normally like Double posting, but I really do need help with this. What I'm looking for is a simple spray effect, which looks likes bllod shooting out from someone. I wish I could say which style, to be more specific, but I'm not entirely sure my self in what I want.
  5. Very, very funky. I'd rate it out of 10, but I feel I need more practise myself before I can do that. Rate away feloow forumers!
  6. @ Bolt: okay ill get some examples. ... &hl=krazed Use this link, and look at the first three comics. @Leif: Thanks for the link, but i'm looking for more around the style of blood spuritng out from someone. @UsedHonda: Ha-ha Dude. Verily funny.
  7. Well I'm not to sure on specifics, all I would really need is a basic style of blood spray. For example, getting shot, a hard punch etc.
  8. Hey, I was wondering if it would be possible if anyone could tell me, hot to make sprays of blood. ( So I can make me Sprite comic better looking.) I'm sure its not a hard thing to do, but I'm new so, pwease.
  9. Here is mine! I'm not to proud if it, compared to some others, but then again only mah second day. :3