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  1. ok,,,now i know what .net frame work i have,,,i have microsoft .net frame work 1.1. will i have to upgrade that?. if so will the upgrade install on top of it or will it install as a seperate thing ?.
  2. thats strange,,,ok,,,,,,so some one had an email adress almost like mine,,,well,, i'm no spammer,,i'm a good girl :wink: , . so if i cant find away to see what version of .net frame work i have and i download paint.net and it dont work,, hmmmm ,,i wish there was some way of finding out,,thats too bad. here are some of my pc specs. windows xp home version 2002,,,,with sp2. dell dimension 2400 intelĀ® CeleronĀ® cpu 2.40 GHz 2.39GHz, 512 mb of ram. i got this pc in october or november 2005. so go ahead and download paint.net 2.0 ?,,,,,,will it have the .net frame work 2.0 ?.
  3. :? 1st question : this is the first time i registered with this forum,,, i tried using one email adress and it said it was banned,,, i never used that email adress here before why did it say that ?, i did not do any dis-respect ot nothing bad,, i'm new. 2nd question: it says something about a .net frame work 2.0,,,,,how do i check or find what version i have now ?. i have not downloaded paint.net yet. or have never tried it in the past,,,but want too.
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