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  1. Is there a plugin or script that will round the corners of a picture automatically. I'd really like to duplicate the functionality of the Gimp Script-Fu Round Corners script which rounds the corners and adds a drop shadow to the picture, but can live without the drop shadow. I saw a tutorial about using Gaussian blur to create an image with rounded corners that can be used as an alpha mask but that seems like too much work for rounded corners.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Add layer, select inside with magic wand, crop to selection works great for rounding corners. The drop shadow part I'm going to have to play with a little to get what I want. Thanks again.
  3. Gimp provides a ScriptFu option for rounding the corners of a picture and creating a drop shadow, like so: Is there an easy way to do the same in I'd really like to ditch Gimp. Thanks.[/img]