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  1. The number of bags doesn't matter in the least. I want it to look kind of fun but still serious and professional. I would keep the number at the most to 3 just because I can't picture more of them looking very good. Thanks!
  2. This blue is the heading for all the sections of the site and also most of the links: #008AFF The background is white (#FFFFFF), and there are various shades of grey here or there. Thanks!
  3. Ooh awesome. The picture I want is something similar to this: http://www.istockphoto.com/file_closeup ... ?id=762156 but maybe a bit more detailed. It also can have just 1 bag. I may want to put "PickYourStore" or "PYS" on the logo too, depending on what it looks like. I want to put it on the banner on my site http://www.PickYourStore.com. Either to replace the banner or just to add to the left side of it as a logo. It also has to match the general blue theme of the site. The current banner is 1118px by 87px. Thank you soo much!! If it sounds fun to you go ahead.
  4. Does anyone know how to make a tutorial on a really cool looking shopping bag? I want to make a logo for my site with one. Like from scratch maybe with no picture. Like a paper shopping bag you'd get at a mall. Just a question! Thanks ahead of time!
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