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  1. Been a player for years... More of an Earthdawn fan now, but DnD still holds a little piece of my heart being the first RPG I ever played...
  2. I ski... ...or rather, I have skied... Haven't done much skiing since I had kids, though... Sadly, I couldn't help you with your issue... :?
  3. clever :arrow: adroit 8) Man, I'm bad at this. :shock: Since adroit repeats a letter that clever has... clever :arrow: foxy (woulda used fox-like but damn that 'e'!) Sorry, usedHONDA
  4. Just playing around with a screenshot: Nice tutorial! Even an uber-noob like me could follow it...
  5. Group: Metallica/Cake/NIN/Primus are probably my four favorites... Genre: various forms of Rock. Song: A Tout Le Monde by Megadeth... Current favorite only... It'll change soon, I'm sure... Album: Master of Puppets or The Fragile