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  1. My plugin's GPL, so my approval isn't entirely necessary. That being said, you've got it anyway Looking forward to the pack
  2. You're welcome. Glad you like it enough to register and thank me. Most of the work (all the difficult stuff) was done by a fellow named Dave Coffin. I merely packaged his command line app with a simple wrapper plugin to streamline the process
  3. Next up on my list of features to code... Effect Layers! This is mostly for Rick, but those of you handy with a compiler can download as well Preview: Download: Edited by Rick: source code link removed. Sorry. (note: I've pruned most of the files that haven't changed to reduce the filesize. The standard 3.05 source is required. Hopefully I haven't forgot anything )
  4. Rick: Yeah, I took a quick look at the Paint.NET source and couldn't find anything either :? I'll be looking into it in more detail later today. If I find a fix I'll submit a patch that you can examine and merge. What's the procedure for submitting patches? P.S. Thanks for an amazing Paint software. I look forward to contributing usedHONDA: Thanks for the praise. I am flattered that you are comparing those plugins to the fruits of my hour spent learning C#
  5. After getting fed up with Corel continuing to drop the ball with Paint Shop Pro, I decided to write this plugin to automate part of my workflow. Without further adieu I present to you... RawLoader! RawLoader is a simple plugin that uses the open-source DCRaw to decode raw camera images and make them available for use in Paint.NET Notes: - Using the File -> Save option in Paint.NET causes the original raw file to be emptied (Paint.NET bug... doesn't check the SupportsSaving property of FileTypes) - Edit RawLoader.dll.config to customize your DCRaw arguments - Download a DCRaw build op
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