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  1. My advice, and that of many other's, would be be to avoid, where possible, IE6. By the way, necroposting galore. Three months is the limit before the topic is classified as 'dead', this has been twelve. Thank you for your input, wristbandsnow, but don't forget the Rules (in this case, [rule=11]Rule #11[/rule]). Topic locked
  2. The humorous fumblings of the account's creator. As a test account, there was little need to create something sensible and worthwhile . To quash curiosity, it was made in order to iron out an Internet Explorer 8 bug on the Forum.
  3. To the original poster: you could, if all you want are stars and polygons, use Boltbait's Polygon / Stars plugin - it would have been my first port of call: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2580 Or... ...use the Polygon / Stars plugin to create your brush.---- Any troubleshooting of Custom Brushes - either version - should best be done in the relevant plugin topic; it's what we advise in any of the other boards, so let's try not to hijack this topic too much. Merci beaucoup.
  4. Whilst holding the Shift key to rotate by 15 degree increments.
  5. You're quite right it would, but having a true installation is always advised when technically, there is no support for what you're suggesting. Who knows what problems could arise through a free-floating application not tied down to the host computer; it could complicate troubleshooting for us by adding many other variables to the equation. It might not, though... Consideration has to be paid to the other side of the case.
  6. Could you describe in a little more detail what you wish to do, please? Are you encountering installation issues, or are you having problems using the plugin? You can also post in the Custom Brushes topic for a speedier, better-informed response from users of the plugin.
  7. I may have to play Devil's advocate here. Having another 'installation' product available besides the primary one could cause confusion for new users, or the non-tech-savvy. You could get around this by having the new ZIP elsewhere to the main download, but this then subverts points four and five by obscuring it. Okay, the confusion may be limited if it were (which I'm positive it would be) labelled aptly, but one must also see it from the viewpoint of Rick, in that this is another task he must do, another product he must 'maintain' to an extent. Another point, most modern computers come packaged with the .NET Framework, so installation is a mere five minute job; un-installation of equal measure. Saying that, I'm no bonfire extinguisher, points one and two would suit me quick nicely. However, I (and no doubt many others as well), who would require such a unique installation, am more than capable of doing so myself. The kind of person who would need a second installation for point one must be of the mind-set to be able to accomplish the task themselves. A user opting for point two must clearly be aware of the need for the system files, therefore, like before, are able to do this themselves (you could argue that having such a ZIP available will advertise the portability of Paint.NET, but why when Rick has never made its portability official knowledge?). Yes, there are holes in my advocation, but it was never meant to be perfect.
  8. You mentioned 'Pen Tablet Properties'. I too have a similarly named dialog from where I can interchange been Pen Mode and Mouse Mode, for which Mouse Mode effectively turns off pressure sensitivity. My dialog looks like this (click for full size): Beyond this, there is very little more I can advise with, not having the same product. I also Googled, as you did, with no luck: nothing seemed to apply to your circumstance. You do have two options now: 1) wait for another member in possession of a Wacom Bamboo to offer their intuition; 2) wait for Paint.NET v3.5, which, between you, me and a cat's shake, an alpha (pre-release) shouldn't be too much longer. Then, as I previously mentioned, it will not matter as tablet support is being entirely removed.
  9. Hello Glorious. I would like to point out that I do not own a Wacom Bamboo, but I do own a Wacom Volito2, so I'm hoping I can be of some assistance. For me, there is a small icon in the system tray () called 'Pen Flicks', that if I right-click I can disable pressure sensitivity with the tablet (the icon should change to ). You can also find Pen Flicks in Control Panel at: Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Pen and Input Devices. Hang on, though, you should know that in the next version of Paint.NET (v3.5), pressure sensitivity is being completely removed due to coding issues and for the fact that the developer has no way of testing the capabilities himself. So, it shouldn't be too long before it is regardless whether you have pressure sensitivity on or off.
  10. If you are working on an image that requires superior quality and/or with text, try to avoid the JPEG format. This format is lossy, meaning that some quality is lost with every save. Such lossness can manifest itself in ugly artefacts surrounding text and other features of the image* (the 'blurriness' you speak of). Although the smaller file size that JPEG can produce is appealing for web images; I would personally stay away from it for this kind of project. On the other hand, PNG, BMP, TIFF, etc., are lossless formats, meaning they lose no quality with each save. However, in most cases this comes at the price of larger file sizes. For the case of this project, I'm sure this is a worthy sacrifice for the better good. On the note of PNG, if there is no transparency required for the image - which, if you're printing them off, there shouldn't be - then saving in the 24-bit depth will save some kilobytes of you are that concerned. Does this help you somewhat? *if you want to see an example of such artefacts, the difference between JPEG and other formats, this page should illustrate perfectly: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Compa ... nd_PNG.png
  11. Thank you, one and all, for your congratulatory sentiments. 'Twas a quiet event, just the way I like them. Oh no, the alcohol will do just fine; I'm legal now (not that that's ever stopped me before...). A great man now absent. Me likes .As no part of the world remains in the 23rd April, 2009, I think this topic has had its due life. Once again, thanks to all, and TopHATslash for starting it.
  12. -Ish. It was discussed, yet no set time-frame or version was given.
  13. lol Uh, yeah. THanks. Now, is there a link to a plugin I could have, possibly? That would be wonderful. http://searchpaint.net/ - searching for the term Custom Brushes will return the result your require.
  14. Quite right, too. Well said, Gran! Good luck, pophiri.
  15. Indeed it does, as, for now, there is no way to edit masks 'on-the-fly' - as you have found out. I'm sorry that we couldn't find you a more efficient route.
  16. You can, if this issue grinds you so, lodge a formal complaint with Ash, BoltBait, CMD, David, Rick* or myself, where suitable action will be taken. However, before you do this, you should also see it from Simon's point of view. Double-posting has practicalities aside from ruffling your feathers: a new statement is to be made that requires as much attention as the last, yet was made a time after the first posting - edits don't flag as new posts, therefore there's a chance it could be missed, and earnest discussion passed. Whilst he could delete his second posting after realising nobody had posted since, then re-post with the new information affixed, this is too much unnecessary effort to avoid a double post. All the while someone could jut in with a new post therefore incurring the first point made in the paragraph: his new statement may be lost to a new conversation. Furthermore, let's face it, Simon is breaking no Rule by doing so. As only Simon and the few occasions some of us do it, it's not exactly a common occurrence that's plaguing the Forums - that's what spam does, and look where that ends up. PDFCreator, I swear by it. Mostly. It has a habit of bloating file sizes, so that when Simon's advice of OOo comes in. It's swings and roundabouts between the two for me.*alphabetical order. I don't do 'favourites' too well.
  17. One topic/gallery per person; you already have one, and that where this will be merged to. Remember also that this isn't the way to ask for advice: you can ask for comment and critique either in your gallery or in the Signatures Umbrella. Merged
  18. Very neat gallery! I particularly admire the 'dusty planet', your signature and avatar set, and the young lady; that texturing of Shadow Sonic(?) is very well done, too. I should have comment long before now. Keep up the excellent work, LumièreDuSoleil!
  19. Aside from the sterling advice given above, for future reference, you can consult the Help page for the basics on this tool, plus all the others: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/RecolorTool.html
  20. Hello pophiri. What you can do is: [*:1vpkonfv] Open your mask up, then select the entire mask (Ctrl + A) so you can use the Move Pixels tool ( ) to rearrange the mask to a suitable position; [*:1vpkonfv] here you will see that by moving your mask voids have been left on two sides, simply select these with the Magic Wand ( ) and fill ( :PaintBucketTool: or with the Backspace key) with the appropriate mask colour; [*:1vpkonfv] finally, you can re-save your mask and apply as normal through the plugin. Does this help you?
  21. Simon: indeed it was, from Server 12 to their primary one, where Forumer, fhq and fMods currently reside.
  22. Very nice pencil drawing. Are you wanting to place your products in each of the window panes in the cabinet? If so, I would attack this using these steps (that doesn't mean there aren't better ways): [*:1wooyn2r] Open the first product image alongside the pencil-drawn cabinet; [*:1wooyn2r] then proceed to resize this product image via the menu Image > Resize..., resizing it to the dimensions of the pane of glass you wish to insert it into; [*:1wooyn2r] if you are unsure as to what these dimensions are, you can quickly use the Rectangle Select tool to highlight the pane of glass, seeing the resulting pixel dimensions in the lower right hand corner on the Status Bar; [*:1wooyn2r] now resized, select all (Ctrl + A), copy (Ctrl + C), and paste this onto a new layer on the cabinet image (Ctrl + Shift + V) - you can find all these commands in the Edit menu; [*:1wooyn2r] using layers will also allow you to overlap product images over one-another, and apply layer blend modes or transparency if required; [*:1wooyn2r] you can now move the product image to the correct location using the Move Pixels tool; [*:1wooyn2r] if you so wish, you can merge this product image layer into the base cabinet layer using the Merge Layer Down icon on the Layers window; [*:1wooyn2r] finally, repeat as necessary for each product image as well as your company logo. You may find this following tutorial of some use: Cutting Out Images. Does any of this help? (Apologies, due to a recent flurry of spam attacks, in-line image inclusion has been temporarily disabled, so the icons I had included in these steps appear as their URL links, making them useless. If you are unsure as to what to look for, have a look around the Help documents: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/index.html.)
  23. @David: almost, but you're missing out a pivotal moment: Now it's complete. ----------------------- I would be more honoured if I actually said that. Never, in the Real World nor on these Forums, have I said 'blimey'. It sounds like something a Southerner would exclaim, like vista? or Rubrica.
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