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  1. Hello DoomyMuffins. When speaking of 'images with no background color automatically chang[ing] to a white background', are you referring to when saving the image? If so, try saving in a format that can handle transparency, such as 32-Bit PNG. Does this work for you?
  2. We can let this minor indiscretion slide as it was posted with the intention to present the results of the topic, perhaps with the desire for further advice, not to mindlessly spam. The end product looks spiffing. You had the right idea for darkening it.
  3. Hello Millenius. In order: 1) I have no reply for this, it is up to the developer, Rick, to decide either way. Suggestions were posted, as you know, in your previous topic to workaround this 'shortcoming'. 2) Read through a few of these results (obtained via Search): http://tinyurl.com/ycdcos6; in particular this one: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=30912 3) Basically, it is coming, just that there is no word as to when.Do these answer some of your requests?
  4. The difference between a regular PNG image and that used in Fireworks is that Fireworks also saves layer data, vector plots and other information: data that cannot be read by Paint.NET. A solution to this is to save your layered project in PSD format, and use our corresponding file type plugin, Photoshop File Plugin, to open your file in Paint.NET. The plugin has limitations (for example, bloated file size and blend-mode conversions are not true) but it does it's job. EDIT: having just read Harold's kind offer, do keep returning to see if it comes to fruition.
  5. It would explain it, as, to be frank, it couldn't possibly be due to my simply spiffy skillz with Paint.NET... Good memory, by the way, Blooper!
  6. The account 'janektest' was indeed a test account, to troubleshoot a bug in IE8 according to Rick, the creator of said account. At least, that's what I've been told to tell you... You members of the paranoid disposition may read into that what you want.
  7. Be wary, however, that once you have finalised your text - either by hitting the 'Esc' button on your keyboard or by selecting another tool - there is no way to edit it. You will have to delete that text and begin again. (Whilst ever you have the flashing text cursor, you can edit the text's colour, size, etc., to your heart's content.) It is for this reason that it is usual practice to type any text on a new layer (Layers > Add New Layer), so it will be easier to delete and start over.
  8. If you aren't even going to stick around to see if anyone can help, then I won't feel so guilty in saying...Please don't necropost. [rule=11]Three months is the limit[/rule] before the topic is classified as 'dead', this has been almost eight. If you require help, please start a new topic, where we'll be more than happy to extend the hand of help. Topic locked
  9. Hello, chavsraul. Are you resizing up (making the image bigger) or down? If you are making the image bigger, it will inevitably result in pixelation. If you are shrinking it, resizing down, you can sometimes get a pixelated image depending on which resampling method you choose: try 'best quality' if you aren't already doing so. A before-and-after might help us.
  10. With so many updates, might I suggest the date of the latest update placed in the topic title? It eases user consumption. Would that be okay? Everything else looks in tip-top order, well done, jxp.
  11. Given your apparent RAM requirements, I hold-heartedly recommend your laptop over the desktop. (Funnily enough.) You shouldn't notice any deformation of the image quality by simply transferring images to-and-fro laptop and desktop, as long as you use a lossless format where possible - I cannot stress that enough. I wish you luck, and, please, do report back with your results. Of course, other members may be able to offer some advice, so keep checking back.
  12. Hello Bob Hawkins. May I call you Bob? I will try to be clear, and in order: 1) with a message like that, there are very few causes aside from memory requirements. So, more than likely, yes. May I enquire toward how much RAM you do possess? 2) Yes. 3) Only if you save in a lossy format. This is a term to denote a file format that loses data when saved (each pixel are data that composes the image). JPEG is one such format, with which you may notice 'artefacts' such as blotches. PNG, BMP and TIFF are not such a format ('lossless'), thus are usually better regarding quality. 4) Yes. It is a lossless format, so the image will look the same as the original quality after save, after save, after save. This may prove advantageous when printing. Be warned that PNG, as it loses no data, can produce bloated file sizes in comparison to JPG. There is a PNG optimiser in the Plugins section of this Forum. --- In order to lighten the load on memory, you could try a lower resolution. Or install more RAM - it can be considerably cheap depending where you purchase it from, and it will be good for your computing activities as a whole. Does any of this help you, Bob?
  13. More than likely, it wouldn't have happened.The policy stands that usernames can be changed only for users under one-hundred posts; if it's over that count, then only for a slight modification and for just cause (the examples being 'mike.ryan52' to 'Mike Ryan', and 'sabrown100' to 'Simon Brown'). Encouragement is not given for name-changing willy-nilly, so a new account would have been one of the two options open to KidBoy/Wilson - the other being to stand by 'KidBoy140'. I must admit that, in my recent, lengthy absence - when the unofficial guidelines were draft - KidBoy/Wilson may well have requested such a change. Whilst I partially agree, equally so when a statement in his signature would have sufficed, this is a decent way to highlight the change in username. This topic will eventually become buried in the abyss of The Alfredo...
  14. mkmy2425: good luck! I'm going to tattoo 'Printer+' to my hand, because it's the one plugin I seem to always forget about.
  15. You could print in MS Paint - it has a greater degree of control over printing than the interface employed by Paint.NET (which is Windows' built-in wizard). In so doing, you will have to save your project as a PNG (preferred as it is a lossless format).
  16. That's because it's been treat like a Twitter account, or Facbook statuses. Two things come to mind to resolve this: 1) you to need a solid, concise theme for it - not something so general and vague like 'life'; 2) publish less: weekly postings, perhaps - culminating more information making for a meaty read, not every day or every hour when something 'random' pops into your minds.
  17. Or either of the anti-alias plugins: viewtopic.php?t=6567 viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22082 These suggestions will only go so far, however, when scaling, especially when scaling upwards.
  18. Witchprincess21, your title breaks [rule=6]Rule 6[/rule], which explains that topic titles must be descriptive. This in order for a clean and organised Forum; imagine if the Forum was littered with 'help!' and 'request!!!!', it would be manic to locate past problems so to help others. In this case, I've amended it to something more akin to what the Rules ask for. Watch out next time, please.
  19. Onemorelevel, be a little more helpful next time, or don't bother responding at all. Time should have no bearing on whether you assist or not. shamun: 1) it is designed to open your default e-mail application. Failing that, you can simply post here like you have done, or e-mail manually - as in, without the help of Help > Send Feedback. It might well be handy for it to automatically enter in login details, but what happens if you aren't connected to the Internet, or you aren't a member at the time of feedback? Onemorelevel was correct in one regard, it doesn't take too much time to login to the Forum. 2) File > New; decide how large you want your canvas; select all (Ctrl + A) and hit the delete button on your keyboard. You can also use the Edit menu for the same commands. Admittedly, it's not as quick as having a transparent option in the New dialog, but it takes little time to work around that. Or, you could create a new layer, then delete the 'Background' layer, as all new levels are default transparent. Does this help you somewhat?
  20. - With the Text tool, type some text, but only that: do not finalise the text with the Esc key or whatever; - on the Colors window, click anywhere on the colour wheel; - you will notice the colour of your text change the colour you selected. You can refine your colour choice as shown by the link Curmudgeon posted.
  21. Nope, all is good regarding Rule abiding. As long as this remains your only gallery, all will be fine. Keep it up, Musical Maniac.
  22. Try Microsoft Paint, it has many options that can fine-tune your print. If you wish to use similar controls, you can try out Simon Brown's Printer+: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=27968 See if they solve your problematic printing.
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