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  1. This may not have the intended result but would this work?: http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/4100/untitledrz6.jpg Read about it somewhere, could have even been on here but I've slept since then, if I'm wrong sorry.
  2. Much like Leif and Helio said I don't have that much of a problem with selection. I tried this (very cool btw, I learn a lot through troubleshoot) and not a problem. I had three programs running - paint.NET v3.01, Firefox and MediaMonkey, and my CPU usage didn't exceed 40% and I only have 760MB RAM, a 1.6GHz processor on XP Pro and working on a laptop.
  3. The layers stay the same - the order they were in, what is in each layer etc. the only thing that changes is the file format, nothing else. And what I meant by 'swapping' is changing from working on my laptop to working on a school computer with the same file, from my paint.NET to their Macromedia Fireworks which can't read PDN files. Sorry for any confusion, maybe 'swapping' wasn't the best choice of words
  4. Don't know about anyone else but mine took about 3 minutes the bulk of it was when it configures its settings for better performance - or something along those lines, the last bit of the installation anyway. Also, if you still can't find it you can try what Namiyoshi just said, you can find it in My Computer if you click 'Search' at the top and try typing paint.net in 'all files and folders'.
  5. However if you're thinking of transferring it to another computer without paint.NET you could use the PSD plugin here and save it as a PSD instead, works for me when swapping from home to school and I get to keep my layers with it.
  6. You should persuade them to update just for the fact that 3.0 is the most recent.
  7. Glad you like it and that it'll come in useful for you.
  8. "Paint.NET used to be something of a complicated, high-end tool, but over the past year it has been transformed into a serious contender for the best image-editing software around. Despite a raft of powerful features, this latest version of the program remains easy to use and boasts excellent performance with fast response times. There are a number of automated image optimisation tools integrated into the program such as colour adjustment, red-eye removal and conversion to black-and-white or sepia, but more advanced tweaks allow for full manual control. Unlimited levels of undo, support for layers, a range of filters and a unique thumbnail preview when multiple images are open mean the program is suitable for all levels of ability and remains easy to navigate. But it’s not just the tools that make paint.NET impressive: the interface itself is something to behold. Clear, well sized buttons provide easy access to a wide range of options without looking cluttered or messy. A number of floating panels house layer, colour and history information, and when not in use they become slightly transparent as so not to distract from the image you’re working on – hold the mouse over one and they will fade back into view. Touches like this make the program an absolute joy to use." The Gimp got three sentences haha.
  9. Avatar: matches my username, well not entirely as Myrddin was one of two people who is believed to be used in the creation of Merlin (the dude in the avatar) signature: I'm a very loving person :wink: hence the xxx
  10. It's been less than 20 days since the last post so I'm hoping it's not classed as a dead topic. In the most recent issue of WebUser (1st March-14th March) they did an article on photo editors and paint.NET 3.0 got gold award claiming it to boast many features while still an easy to use program. What's more it beat the Gimp who didn't even get an award just a quick mention. How brilliant is that? Just to prove: Sorry about the bad quality but you can pick out the titles, star ratings of PDN and the lack of an award for the Gimp. Also if anyone is interested in what they said I can post a transcript of the bit about PDN. It is spreading and beating even well known alternatives to Photoshop.
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