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  1. Good man! Farscape is an excellent choice. As the seasons continue, I believe it gets stronger as a series. It was unfortunate that they cut it short to only four seasons; the 'miniseries'/film was created to tie up the loose ends but I feel in parts the acting falls victim to the time between it and the concluding season, and the fact that they had a fair amount to wrap up in a mere four hours. A brilliant series nonetheless. I'm currently working my way through The X-Files (on season four); therefore I hold-heartedly recommend that once you've finished your lengthy to-watch list. Not only are the stories compelling, they are in equal measure frightening. The character interactions between Mulder and Scully are, in my opinion, top-notch. What's more: Gillian Anderson. I have heard Duchovny becomes only a recurring actor post-season seven, so we'll see how that pans out. The revived series of Doctor Who peaks and troughs (the latter far more so in recent seasons), and if you don't have the inclination to entertain the notion of watching it, don't. I love Doctor Who, but I have quickly come to see it for its many (many) faults and watch it only as a filler for forty-five minutes. (Matt Smith/Steven Moffat's tenure is seeing fit to change that.) I cannot comment on the 'Classic' series. Any of my other proposed suggestions have been, well, suggested.
  2. Hello, Safetybiz. To reiterate what Frontcannon just wrote, Paint.NET is a raster image editor: it cannot be used for video manipulation, embedding of media, or other extraneous functions. Equally so, despite Paint.NET's previous passive interactions with Microsoft (which is now no longer affiliated with such), there is no chance of you seeking help for other Microsoft products here because of that fact. A better route would be searching Microsoft's support channels, or other, dedicated tech support sites (http://forums.techguy.org/, http://techsupportforum.com/). In answer both your questions: no. We're sorry we couldn't be of more help. (Speaking of help, or lack thereof, I am removing the links to the files you posted. There are of no benefit to the topic, and it would not be too great if something untoward was to occur from their download. This is of no personal slight against you.)
  3. I was in the same boat: the 'old' Forum was a thumbnail on my Chrome homepage so instinctively I clicked it, only to be greeted by a 404. A quick Google later and I met the new, shiny Forum. (Catching up with the past few months will be a lesser hardship than acclimatising to the new Forum theme, however.)
  4. Hell fire, this is all shiny. It is much overdue to catch up...
  5. Yes, because to compliment Rick's immense ability to code, he is also psychic. If he knew the answer already, he would not have asked. Speaking of asking, you have an insatiable curiosity for Paint.NET; from its roadmap, to its features, to its licence terms. This, in turn, piques my curiosity in you...
  6. Hi! I do float around here and there, but not as often as I used to/should. That could be my rant, that I haven't been visiting as much as I'd like.
  7. You would have to guess what the colours were/might be, then manually replace the colour. Give these a try: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2309 viewtopic.php?f=36&t=27823
  8. Who are, of course, an incredibly formal company*...*[1][2][3]
  9. Hello, emailguyinphilly. Give these topics a good look through, they should cover everything: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=32319 viewtopic.php?f=12&t=31878 viewtopic.php?f=12&t=30368
  10. Hello wedna87. No, there is no text editability in Paint.NET. There is the plugin you can try, though: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=24685 Make sure you render any text on a new layer, only for the sake of ease if you need to delete/manipulate it somewhat.
  11. The PDN format, however, will preserve everything 32-bit PNG does as well as layers. Basically, everything.
  12. Please read the Rules before posting again. [rule=6]A descriptive topic title[/rule] helps everybody. (Regarding your problem, if Feather does not render in the desired way, try the various Oultine plugins to outline the logo in the background colour (there is one by BoltBait and another by pyrochild).) Topic locked
  13. Please make sure to post in the correct section; it helps everybody in one way or another. If it is regarding a particular tutorial you can post in the topic itself, this way all solutions are kept in one location. Moved to General Discussion & Questions
  14. We moderators watch out for any such behaviour, but as with anything a few cases slip the net. If anyone notices postings of an unacceptable harshness, please help us to help you by reporting the disagreeable post. (The small red exclamation mark in the corner of the post is the way to go about this.) It would be best if non-moderators were to refrain from taking action themselves by PM'ing offenders -- the last result we need is the formation of a vigilante group moderating under the radar left, right and centre.
  15. Thank you, Wilson. This particular contribution of yours was incredibly helpful. I would normally implant an emoticon at this point, but I trust you can image my eyes rolling.As the original concern has been solved, any further problems should either be directed to relevant, active threads or a new topic. Topic locked
  16. Hello Castell. Do you have the original image stored on a local drive, as in, immediately retrievable? If so, you could always open the image as any other (File > Open) or import the image via Layers > Import from File. (As a side note, I have just pasted a photo that I distorted in OpenOffice.org into Paint.NET, and the resulting paste was in the photo's original dimensions. Perhaps it is some issue shared only between Word and Paint.NET.)
  17. Hello jacerhea. This is no way to alter the dimensions of the built-in grid, but I'm sure the Grid Maker plugin will rectify this issue. Set up the plugin to your desires on a new layer, and delete once you have finished with it. Does this help you?
  18. What do you mean...? Many topics of conversation from you revolve around women, Rubrica. Katherine and Victoria spring to mind as the latest amongst your harem...
  19. Sarkut is quite correct. Try to use the Move Pixels tool ( ) for this.
  20. Once you have selected the area and the desired colour, either use the Paintbucket tool or hit the Backspace key on your keyboard to fill that selection with the primary colour. (Essentially, both are the same means to the same end, only one uses less clicks.) Alternatively, use the Paintbrush, with the desired colour selected, at the size you want your circle (be that size 2 or 200). One click will create a circle. The same applies to the Shape tools. No need to use the selection tools. If you are having problems selecting the colour from the image, however, make sure you are selecting on the correct layer: using the Colour Picker on a new layer will only select a transparent colour.
  21. Hello Bdragon. The only way Paint.NET isn't working 'well' with tablet PCs is that it no longer supports pressure sensitivity, like it used to. Whether this will be added back in the future is unknown. However, Paint.NET should still work with your tablet PC, with the pen acting as a regular mouse. As for whether a tablet PC is any better that a desktop PC is entirely your decision. Some might say the use of a pen over a mouse is a great advantage, allowing for a more fluid, natural draw; some may well be hopeless with a pen and prefer the mouse. It all depends on what you feel most comfortable with, what exactly you want to do in Paint.NET (adding text to a poster versus portraiture), or what equipment you possess (you can buy pen peripherals to substitute the mouse). Just because something is free of charge does not mean it lacks in quality or quantity to that of something which is costly. Paint.NET's feature-set is decided by the free-time of the sole developer. If you apply additional coders and resources to the project for the same price, the result is the GIMP. Go download that if you're unhappy. Your comment reads as though you're unappreciative of the time and effort that is afforded to this program by said sole developer.
  22. If you still need volunteers: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. (Although, I'm currently studying sixty-miles north of that in York, North Yorkshire.)
  23. They could be going two steps forward only to take one step back down the road. This result of this would be twofold: 1) some form of action is implemented whatever goes; and 2) it creates the illusion that our government listens to its people when we cry out (which, technically, they will be doing). I doubt, along with uH, the harshness of the new regime will last. Unfortunately, metaphorical blood will be split before then. I would also like to agree with what MBL responded with above. The whole system is being cast with a dark shadow when it is only select individuals who are at fault. It is like the whole sword/sharp weapons malarky a few years past: every bladed weapon was treat with disdain because of select criminal activities, which ultimately damned honest collectors and re-enactors. In this case the law was relaxed a year or so later, which provides a great precursory example to the point in my first paragraph.
  24. The Help documents were updated when Paint.NET was. Take a look at the 'Rasterization' section to support CommanderSozo's reply: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/T ... terization
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