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  1. rant: I broke my nail. (the whole thing....by using a screwgun...ow....)
  2. [60] Centaur [65] Dragon [50] Griffin [-5] Vampire Vampires are alive but dead, but then I -'ed 10 and they became dead, and part alive, but the fact that they are dead adds 5 which ='s 0, which means they are now truly dead. The one way to kill a vampire....math.
  3. Glycolysis involves the breaking down of glucose molecules from carbohydrates into molecules of pyruvate, which will continue on to the Krebs Cycle. This process occurs in the cytosol of the cell and can proceed regardless of the presence of oxygen. In the first stage of glycolysis, energy is actually used to phosphorylate the 6-carbon glucose molecule. (I'll send you more later, this should help)
  4. shazam! granted. I will now go to jail for transforming you too many times. I wish I had a taco
  5. ^ is right < just cleaned a Humongus house v is happy they don't ave to clean
  6. I tried, but then the pokemon company sued me and took all my money, and the mudkip. I want a tata nano.
  7. [55] Centaur [65] Dragon [60] Griffin [10] Minotaur [65] Vampire [45] Werewolf Now i get it, ive been gone too long. sorry guys.
  8. You have sold all your hunting stock, a total of 2 object(s) for 56 kneecaps.
  9. You are, but your non-human wife killed herself out of shame. I wish my keyboard didn't have so many sticky keys.
  10. ^LIES!! :twisted: V is wondering if anyone else will post :?
  11. You Win! 25 million jacked up potty trainers i wish my hair wasn't so straight
  12. ^ is right < is also disappointed V realizes im a girl.
  13. Mine had a blue light (not shown in the picture)
  14. ^ is correct *gasp, houston, we have a stalker* < is very tired V just took a shower
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