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  1. heh, I just saw Get Smart - Maxwell Smart: I think it's only fair to warn you, this facility is surrounded by a highly trained team of 130 black op snipers. Siegfried: I don't believe you. Maxwell Smart: Would you believe two dozen Delta Force commandos? Siegfried: No. ... Maxwell Smart: How about Chuck Norris with a BB gun?
  2. ^in this part of the U.S? no way < misses the snow V Cold stone creamery?
  3. done...laughs at cazaron..........(and again....) I wish my neck didn't hurt.
  4. ^nope.....my preciousssss < is tired, ight go to sleep V good-night
  5. Granted, your old comp. now has a queer desire for revenge and kills you. I wish I woundn't see a zombie pattern in this
  6. ^is right < doesn't really see that as pure genius V knows why
  7. done, now you missed the new pdn version, which is now miracuosly the best image editor now. I wish I could find my cell.
  8. ^only when used for the right things..... :twisted: < is very tired V knows why
  9. Currently: Disturbed - Enough Later: My cousins whining - 'nuff said.
  10. uhm....my 12th...13th? birthday...amazing, my friends and I did a lot of stuff, it was crazy.
  11. granted, but now everyone w/ps3's now have 360's instead....oh drat it, i have a 360 now. I wish I had my Ps3 back!
  12. ...when you get mad at your math teacher when he claims to know all about image-editing/creating, and yet has never heard of PdN. ...when you realize someone is a fellow pdn-er, and automatically become bf's
  13. ? :? anyways, rant: no one is on, on any of the sites I go to.....it's only 11:39 (P.M. - Mountain time) Edit: 12:07 am, still no one....... Edit: I read wrong 2:07 A.M......hm, this seems like a "You know you're addicted..." thing. Edit: People are going on and off, ZizOiz and Curtis, now, too.
  14. If anyone's on, a friend and I are on right now. ...oops..ugh.
  15. Been playing the smae games, just finished Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, looking for a new game........winter break, gotta love it!
  16. (this was going to be done by any one of us) George Bush - Be Ogre Hugs Painful Violence - Chuck Norris.....jk, Peaceful Nil Vino Namiyoshi - Ahoy Minis
  17. ^ just confused me < word gives strange delight agrees V is sitting on a chair Hidden Content: .....and hopefully not their 3 year old son
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