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  1. ^So did I, apparently they're like stiff towels
  2. Congrats! ...I still have a long ways to go... (btw, im loving your sig CMD)
  3. < Def. not TPBM has a ps3 and knows all its functions
  4. lol, im a bobbing bobcat, 0.2722. i messed up on the last sheep
  5. Same here, I would be....maybe...3? no 4 months into college, all that studying...(finals going on right now, just took 3 tests, 6 exams coming up). But in any case, I just think its a bunch of craziness, id believe the solar thing, but I don't think the world would just implode all of a sudden...(wasn't there a thread on this a long time ago, too?)
  6. I normally watch it on the SciFi channel, there's BBCA and DUBAI too, but we don't have that, and i dont think it comes on too much on BBCA (DUBAI just started the series).
  7. Speaking of which, that reminds me, have you gotten any of the new epi's in the U.S yet? I didn't get the christmas or easter special yet. (I watched PotD one on Veoh, but that's all I got). Does anyone know if its gonna go on in the U.S or not? I'm beginning to wonder if its just my subscribtion, we're just getting re-runs.
  8. Oh, okay *confusion gone* *edit* I agree, twilight = belch
  9. Wow, okay so I just came back after forever (not sure if anyone remembers me) and I see "The Alfredo" and a bunch of other topic titles all over the place... and now my head officially hurts. Some new things are here, though, that's cool. Happy April Fools everyone.
  10. ^ If I can see them, or know them a bit < is :evil: not horribly, though (am sick) V is...not...a...robot
  11. ^I love New Zealand *off-topic* *on topic* rant: I have 3 big projects and a 3 chapter test this monday, and haven't started working on them because I can't find the info for the most important one...oh, and an Essay rant: Manatees are useless Rant: So are Shrimp and Salmon. Rant: Doctor Who hasn't been coming on, adn I've missed 2 of the specials! my tv keeps skipping some recordings....the good ones, too!
  12. 14 mins. late, but Happy New Years from Arizona!
  13. Yay! happy new year everyone, from AZ! well...almost, its 11:50 res.- just be better at everything, mainly school, etc.
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