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  1. i got some really cool bday gifts yay!
  2. ^such as? k, sooo then any good tech support forums? (im running in safe cause im getting the black screen of death other wise(where nothing is there except a black screen))
  3. Is the distro Ubuntu? i believe so, but now we have a diff. problem (sorry, computer challenged here) im running my comp in safe mode, and in the device manger our video controller has an exclamation mark next to it (it says that the drivers for the device is not installed) not quite sure how to fix?
  4. (vaio comps/laptops = worst thing on earth, my recommendation? hp or dell comp, or toshiba laptop-they're good and last.) k, so i need help. not sure where to post this sooo.....its here. so my dad recently got linux on his laptop and we are confused. i did do a google, and went to the site...but am still a bit confused. someone care to give a bit of a run through?
  5. ^im pretty sure i get it < wants to cry/has been crying v gets the joke being referred to.
  6. LOVE that game. unfortunately, we had psats, so i only had 2 days to enjoy it. (i did beat it, though) amazing game. (i mean uncharted 2)
  7. same here, but i didnt find out until now, thats really sad.
  8. ^neither can i! it airs on Halloween, correct? and i really think they could have done better than this:
  9. you do, but it turns out their made of cabbage :twisted: i wish revenge was more beneficial
  10. granted, but now, there is no more heroes i wish my package would arrive already (undamaged, of course)
  11. ^hey! i remember you two! on topic rant: My delivery isn't here yet. :evil:
  12. pretty good, 7.5/10 heres mine: (sorry i could only find the live version)
  13. that makes me slightly happier. what will really make me happy is waters on marsand of course that package...
  14. ^and i just voted! ...and was the strange font intentional or is opera messing up on me again?
  15. ....Maho... btw. that is a nice logo, though Mr.Firey was awesome, too.
  16. ^youvve got the drum syndrome, weve all had it for atleast a week after watching that. sad, though, scifi used to play re-runs, but have stopped, i now have an uneven number of recordings and nothing to watch (aside from flashfoward)
  17. sorry if this doesn't belong here, haven't been on in a while, i need help on a math prob. ( i should know how to do it) thanks (edit - i just noticed this is my 666th post :shock: :twisted: ) ---------------------------------------------------- (use the system of linear equations) A family bought 100 acres of land and paid 10,000 pieces of gold. The price of good land is 300 pieces of gold per acre and the price of bad land is 500 pieces of gold for 7 acres. How many acres of good land and how many acres of bad land were puchased?
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