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  1. its not working when i click tools the delete browsing history isnt there
  2. my avatar: i wanted to see if it would be animated from a site im changing it to something new because..well for fun i guess. and form my sig, i was experimenting with paint.net
  3. this is not to make fun of harry potter, just something i found, im sorry if someone else put this, i havent checked http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ0jvrRJ ... ed&search=
  4. im on almost everyday, and i can get my whole family to get on (including cousins, which, belive me is a lot, i think we can do this)
  5. no sorry i mean how, do you make like circular shapes, and ive seen many things on how, but i still dont get it, im slow, and also, how would you edit them to have those effects, ive tried, but i cant come up with anything, and the other things aren't working for me. Is there one in dummy language?
  6. sorry, to be more specific i mean by using only paint dot net and not anything else, like, no pics, and not using paint. A background that is like...how do i put it....realistic, or one that sticks out and does not look like something you picked up from the internet, or paint.
  7. oh, i see, though for me, its not my browser, but sorry i will start using search. (i dont have firefox, and internet explorer is working fine with me.)
  8. uh, it should be on your destop, but if it isnt you can find it on my computer, or if you had created a folder to specifically put it in.
  9. well there was something close to that, on the tutorial near the bottom, but does anyone here know how to make a background?
  10. Im not sure if this falls in this category but to me, it seems like the closest. here is my problem: I automatically get logged off, i cannot reply to topics and when it works i get logged off, and most of the time, im barely able to post and pm before i get logged of, or when im just viewing other topics i get logged off! can someone please help me? i know that its not my computer, but something is wrong. did anyone else ever have this problem? please help. it always says invalid session please resubmit the forum
  11. How do you make a scanned image transparent? I do have the new version, i have seen other one like this for pictures with plain images, but it did not work with a drawing that I had scanned :? im confuz-ed
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