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  1. mine does,it always does i smashed, and i do mean smashed it in a car door as a kid, and the door was locked so if i dont cutit before 3 days it grows into my skin (it is really hard to cut, and hurts when i cut it)
  2. top 5 in creativeness: ok these are all the names i can remember right now there are a lot so it is hard i havent really pay attention to the names sometimes so, in no particular order: buzkill, madjik, aatwo, boltbait, rainshadow, helio and mountain dew! (ok that is not 5 but oh well its hard ok? espically with
  3. well i was born i north america (usa) but my parents are from asia (pakistan) im probably the only muslim person from there
  4. does any1 have a gaia? curious, i no it weird or imvu?
  5. ive played wow once at my frnds house, im still trying to get the disc thing.
  6. ive played wow once at my frnds house, im still trying to get the disc thing.
  7. 9/10 makes me a little dizzy but, it ia really nice, mine is from when i first got pdn, and did not know anything at all about pdn, so its a little weird i havent fixed it yet, i kept it because i halfway had a light, smoky shadeon one guys back. xD im not expecting a good rating
  8. SOAD PWNS all my fave was chop suey and and some of their super crazy songs but is now soilder side full version. chop suey was my first (then BYOB) [(i listen to SOAD, three days grace, nine inch nails, cherish, nelly furtado, neyo, akon, Drowning pool, Green Day, Pink Floyd, AFI, My Chemical Romance and some more( i know scary right?)] im crazy
  9. wow...a lot of sonic...sorry had to comment...not that i hate sonic, i dont, i play it (sorry off-topic right? )
  10. 8) my father fixed the problem....Internet Explorer 7 was the provlem, it had problems, my father did some weird things, then uninstalled 7 amd re-installed 6.......guess my father was right on saying to check cnet rev......thank you for helping im sorry for the trouble. :oops:
  11. thats fine, thanks, i just wanted something to experiment with, i didn't quite know how but i now know. thank you
  12. wait what?........um....internet explorer :?
  13. aaahh! my head hurts! too much fast clicky!!!
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