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  1. Tuning: Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb Legend: / - slide up - slide down () - harmonics x - mute Intro Eb|------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Bb|----------------------------------------------------------------2---2-3-3/5-5-| Gb|-2---2-3-2-1---------3-5-5/75-3-2-2-----1------1-------1---------------------| Db|-0---------0-----------------------------0----------2---------2---2-----------| Ab|-0---------0-----------------------------0------------------0-----------------| Db|-3-3-------2-2---2/5--------------0--0-0-2----2---2---2---2-------------------| Verse Eb|----------------------------------------------------------------| Bb|--------------------------------------------------2---2-3-3/5-5-| Gb|-----2-----1--------3-------2-----1-------1---------2-----------| Db|------------------------------0-------2---------2---------------| x2 Ab|----------------------------------------------0-----------------| Db|-0-3---3-2----2-2/5---5-5 aatwo can you help me please send me an email with the how-to
  2. lol, i hav an ugly gibson acoustic guitar BI
  3. thanks aatwo, ill try it out....is that you/r guitar? this is actullay pretty helpful all the tablaturs are "down for maintainence"
  4. well my finger is demented, i mean literally it is like anout the length and width of my pinky and is super fat it grows down into my skin and i have to literally stick my nail cutter down into my skin beneth my nail....it hurts!!!
  5. you are waiting constantly when you know no one is going to reply to your guiatr post
  6. ....you forget you have school/work ....you dont do your homework ....you hand in your homework as bbcode ....you use pdn for every darn thing while there are others... ....you think of making your own animator vs. animtion.....probably number 3 (my friend helped make animator vs animation 2
  7. I keep thinking other things in life have Ctrl+Z attached to them somehow...I burnt my popcorn tonight and immediately thought "oh I'll just undo that...oh wait..." ...you wonder if God created the sky using C#. i do that all the time ctrl c,v, and z .....you try to stick your thumbdrive into a piece of paper
  8. i need help does anyone know how to read tabs/tablature i google searched a lot and thought that i knew, butthen something else would pop up, i have an acoustic, and cant play really good. ive been trying to find a song, i found it, but it is confuzzling can anyone help with reading tabs/tablature
  9. wait how do you put a picture of your desktop?
  10. heres a note that my friend gave to my teacher: "amandas father really did throw out her blue parent teacher communication folder why i do not know, but i will punish him tonight." (my teacher is realy strict, and that week becuase of that note, we did not get any homework!!!!
  11. Stick with what you know and love - Paint.NET true stick with what you lov pdn all the way!
  12. true ummm..........yeah i should be going, im a little scared
  13. everyones imagination>jk rowlings.... bush's sadness for the virgina tech shooting
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