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  1. aha you guys stink ive made WAY more sigs than that here are all of them: http://s87.photobucket.com/albums/k158/ ... ggie-1.png it was the first thing i made on pdn, so it looks a little weird *edit* new sig below made it on my dads laptop
  2. ive used the search for stuff like this, but found nothing useful the same problem keeps occuring. a couple of weeks ago there was a problems with my comps motherboard (cant remember what, ill have to ask my dad) and we took it to get fixed, the guys we took it to erased everything on it and we got it back after like a week. now im trying to re-download it but it keeps saying that i dont have the windows .net framework vr.2.0 installed. every time i install it and try again the same problem keeps occuring. anyone know what i should do? :?
  3. is it fonts 4 pdn? .....wait a min......carly?
  4. theres too many good ones for me to post so: http://dumblaws.com/
  5. :? :shock: uhhh.....my head hurts
  6. this is getting really.....odd......ive licked a road before.....i was actually drinking water in the middle of our basketball game and i got bumped and fell it tastedl like a...a....a....a..you know....a.....
  7. Darn! ....tastes like....wood
  8. wow this food thing carried on for like ten pages......come to think of it im pretty hungry too (that might explain why i almost ate my guitar) ............. (ok i just got confused i had a sandwhich in one hand a my guitar in the other........im still really hungry.......i wonder........does anyone know what guitars taste like?(zombies are starting to freak me out, partilay cause i was playing resident evil 4 a couple of minutes ago.))
  9. oh...cool ok so here i am http://www.jeboavatars.com/images/avata ... 8zebra.gif
  10. i have absolutely nothing on mine: http://aishashaesha.deviantart.com/
  11. First Name: Nami Location: Tucson,az Age: 14 Occupation: part-human Hobbies: many, some are swimming, drwing reading paying instruments (like guitar) basketball,soccer and more. Favorite tech item: thats a hard one...... Favorite and most despised software: hmm. i dont think i have one. Favorite and most despised games: too many Favorite and most despised movies: cant think of an currently Favorite and most despised television series: just for laughs i get ( i dont have time to watch tv anyomre Favorite and most despised band, song and music genre: i listen to different stuff.....metal....rock.....classical?......green day soad three days grace tool aqua korn the police nine inch nails patd my chemical romance red hot chili pepper some music artists and more What is your most enjoyable outdoor activity? swimming...iguess If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where there would be no expense to you, where would you go and what would you do? hawaii....just chill Name one person, who in your opinion, is a hero or role-model: Sponge bob!!!!! jk, um i dunno i dont really have one.
  12. can u post a diff. pic? all i see is imageshack
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