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  1. ^ is correct < just noticed amount of posts V has more posts than me
  2. step up - drowning pool the day that never comes - metallica chop suey- soad night - disturbed .....todays really metal-esq
  3. Announcement: Cash Shop Update: The Nightmare Box
  4. I. Would, but unfortunately my iPod doesn't have that feature I want a nice, big, Fan.
  5. Granted, I hope u loved them. I wish my post wasn't so morbid
  6. Jo hukam merai aka it did, because rick got the power to chnge things, he eventually got so fond of getting into other peoples buisness that he took over the world and destroyed your house in orer to make his mountain dew mansion. All hail Rick! I wish my shower would work
  7. goodness (like when something is amazing and somene says oh my goodness! etc.)
  8. I though you already posted today ? On the right side of the textbox you type in is a color menu called Font Color. Highlight the text you want to color and then click on the color you want. no, different timings, i posted sometime yesterday night before I went to bed, and then this morning.....right?
  9. eureka! (oh and btw, i was looking at the wrong post when i put that....oops :oops: )
  10. Something so awesomely cool happens your piano teacher's brain explodes, as the combination of the extra-ordinary coolness of the event and the disbelief that your wish actually did come true was too much for him. and so you never got another piano teacher and you lost all your talent and ended up as a bum for the rest of your life. I wish my head would stop hurting...without exploding.....or imploding (though, i have to admit, that would be pretty cool....if its not your head thats imploding....)
  11. ^ is correct < just woke up (1:52 PM) V woke up around the sam time as me
  12. [65] Centaur [20] Chupacabra [70] Dragon [55] Griffin [25] Minotaur [60] Vampire [60] Werewolf
  13. [65] Centaur [20] Chupacabra [60] Dragon [55] Griffin [25] Minotaur [65] Vampire [60] Werewolf i still love dragons, they're just too close to the neck to the comp.
  14. uhh....start over! I want an air freshner
  15. [60] Centaur [20] Chupacabra [60] Dragon [65] Griffin [25] Mermaid [25] Minotaur [60] Vampire [55] Werewolf Mermaid have been over used (and twilight half killed vampires- but I still like them)
  16. shazam! jo Hokam merai aka you can now spell, but due to the sudden change in your grammar/spelling you were kicked off the pdn forums. I wish something cool would happen.
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