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  1. Game designers can never win,people complain about the same game being released year after year COD and then when a designer changes a game they still get negative remarks.


    Never judge a game on a demo the full game plays far better with proper movement controls rather than the antiquated tank controls of the last games and is jam packed with content. Plus it looks and performs equally on both platforms Xbox and Ps3 something most game designers find hard to accomplish.




    I found that the game kind of feels like a mashup between the fourth and fifth Resident Evil games. Personally, I really like this because I absolutely loved Resident Evil 4 and have been playing Leons storyline to death. That being said, I also haven't played the demo so I really have no idea what kind of vibe it gives off. 


  2. The best book by far is:

    Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

    I suggest you all read it. Don't be afraid by the fact that it is over 1,000 pages. It goes quickly.

    The day after I read your post, I got assigned Atlas Shrugged as one of my books for Senior thesis. So I have to read this over the summer. Thanks a lot. :roll::|

  3. ....Lame? Have you played Portal 1?

    nope. I'm not a big fan of pc games(is it pc?)

    I don't really mind playing the sequel without knowing what happened before. *sigh* all the blockbusters in my area are closing.

    I think ill give portal 2 a try after finals. Strategy games can be fun

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