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  1. How long does the installation usually take? Just wondering, again. Lol. (=
  2. And thank you, too. =D Its installi ng still. GJFHGDSFHF. This is so exciting. Seriously. My mom never lets me install or download things. I've been taking pictures for years. I love it. =D
  3. Lol. I'm installing it now. I downloaded it, but thats it. I'll see if it works no. I hope so. I'm soooo excited. =D Do you guys edit picture or take pictures for a living? Just wondering.
  4. Its bot there. bloody potato. It took an hour to install but then it won't even show. I really hope it works. =/
  5. I am having so many issues with this. LOL. Please help me. Thats all. Bye. -Sally.
  6. I want to download paint.NET, but my mom wants to know IF.. It has any spyware? Or viruses? Will it constantly e-mail her? I was just wondering. I am hoping someone will get back to me soon. Please and thanks! -Sally. :wink:
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